We’re plunging into intense waters today as first the Sun, followed by Venus and then the Moon each shift into Scorpio, aligning for a New Moon and solar eclipse at 5:57 pm EDT.

These are three very personal planets in astrological terms. The Moon and Venus are both involved with our emotional realm — they describe things like how we comfort ourselves, what we take pleasure in, and how we feel secure and valued. The Sun is the very core of a sign, and as it moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac each year, it shines light on an archetypal energy. Now that it has entered Scorpio, the Sun embodies the image of the healer.

The domino effect of three planets moving into one sign, especially when two of the planets are the Sun and Moon, is significant.  We have an opportunity to begin actively taking part in transforming our reality. What needs to be investigated and dealt with in your life? If there are relationships that need mending, set the intention to do so. Other people, habits, or perspectives that need to be dumped? This is a good time for shedding old baggage. Scorpio is skilled at trimming that which is no longer useful or necessary.

Scorpio traits include the sense of purpose and strong will not to run away from complexity. It is a passionate water sign that seeks meaning below the surface. Scorpio goes all in.With this trio of planets here, we may all be dealing with extreme ends of the emotional spectrum. Vulnerabilty and defensiveness, a fierce need for privacy, and total, boundless engagement are all riding underwater currents. The trick is to navigate with guts and wisdom, the language of Scorpio.

This is a time to get clear with yourself about your desires and the motivations and strategies you’ve been holding onto. We are all guilty of deluding ourselves, of rationalizing something because we want it. The shadow side of Scorpio delves into control issues like manipulation, obsession, and jealousy.

But you can, of course, choose the brave approach, and use the strength of this transit to clear out your own mental attic space and heal old, long-held wounds. Acknowledging and bringing light to pain is the only way to release it. I once heard a yoga teacher say, “You can’t end the darkness by beating it with a baseball bat. You have to turn on a light.” This New Moon, as we first start easing into one of the most intense seasons of the year, suggests we take stock of our own baggage.


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farrah · October 24, 2014 at 9:05 pm

Well said! Its hard to shine that light, but I’m sure well worth it in the end. Thanks for the encouragement.

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