We are getting a litte astrological boost to get things done this week, which may come as a relief to those of us scattered by the Mercury retrograde phase that has colored the month of October. Mercury retrograde can make things weird. Not necessarily frustrating, but often a little wacky. It’s as if it’s not as easy to get from point A to point B, either literally or metaphorically. Maybe it takes more effort to communicate clearly, or it takes more time to get where you are going. The gift of any Mercury retrograde is the opportunity for reevaluation. When we are compelled to slow down, whether because of obstacles in our way or misunderstanding that must be corrected, we get a chance to be more careful. We get the chance to fix problems we missed before, or to redirect the course we are on. To put it simply, Mercury retrograde makes us stop and think.

The retrograde ended on Saturday, when Mercury stationed direct in the sign Libra. It’s moving slowly right now, but will continue picking up speed this week and will be chugging along at it’s usual clip in no time. In just over a week, Mercury will join the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. We can make a lot of progress moving toward what we want with all of that dynamic energy, but there is something demanding that we be honest and direct in our strategy to get there. This is not the time for bullshitting people with false praise or passive aggressive approaches.

Mars just moved into Capricorn on Sunday, amping up this mood of gritty determination. Mars is symbolic of action and assertion, and it works really well in Capricorn. They suit each other. Capricorn likes to get things accomplished, and Mars is effective and ambitious here. And again, very straightforward. We will make more progress when we speak and act directly. With Mercury moving direct again, and Mars in Capricorn, there’s a clarity of purpose available to us, and a steady motivation us to get where we want to go.


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