The Sun’s passage through Sagittarius is typically associated with the loosening of some controls and the exceeding of some boundaries, whether good or bad. Sagittarius is eager to partake in the action because there is a hopeful belief that there is something better out there. So no matter what the adventure, Sag tends to roll right in.

What we have in the background is the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, which is heading to an exact 90 degree aspect on Dec. 15. These two planets move so slowly that the angles they form to each other often last years, marking the time period with certain traits or energies. Uranus and Pluto have been moving in and out of a 90 degree angle to each other since June 2012, and will form two more exact squares– Dec. 15, 2014 and March 16, 2015. This is the last big push during the upcoming winter and spring.

The tension of this aspect can feel oppressive and overbearing. Like a lit fuse, it must find a release. Uranus represents spontaneaous and erratic bursts that break us out of old modes of thinking or being. It is strong and aggressive in its transit through fiery Aries, and this square to Pluto is churning up issues of authority, control, and freedom. There is a serious grind at work, an evolutionary push to change. What is not sustainable will not last. A lot has been torn down since this Uranus/Pluto phase began in 2012, and much of the terrain looks unfamiliar to us now.

Add to this the rowdy devil-may-care nature of Sagittarius– and things can be messy. But that doesn’t mean ‘bad’. There’s a strong desire to be forthcoming and unburdened with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in this sign, which can lead to saying too much or going too far. But we will get more support to see things clearly in the coming days as Mars shifts into airy Aquarius.

New insights and interests can lift us out of the passion of Sagittarius, offering some space to move freely. Aquarius is independent and idealistic. With Mars in this tolerant sign, hopefully we will move more toward honoring the individuals in our lives rather than trying to force change. The wisdom that is lacking in impetuous Sagittarius will be present again in diplomatic Aquarius. Change is inevitable, and we may get a better glimpse of the role we can play in it as the Full Moon approaches this weekend.



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