One of the defining astrological imprints on our current time in history is the Uranus/Pluto square. These two outer planets were last in aspect to each other during the 1960s, when they were in a conjunction in the sign Virgo. The revolutionary nature of Uranus and Pluto are clear when considered in that light– it was a time period when the world order was challenged. While the “hippie” movement may not have turned the world around, it certainly shook the establishment for many years. And at the very least, it offered a new perspective which struck a chord with millions- that the power is in the people, and most people just want freedom and peace.

Since 2012, Uranus and Pluto have been moving in and out of a 90 degree angle to each other. They will make a total of 7 exact squares to each other before this transit passes on, and they’re approaching number six on Dec. 15. The two powerhouse planets will slowly move out of aspect again, and then will make their final square in March of 2015, leaving us to figure out where we stand in the brave new world.

Astrologers have been talking for years about this era as the revolution the world so desperately needs. And in a lot of ways, it seemed to begin that way. The financial collapse in the U.S. shook the global market, and the Occupy Movement seemed to be sweeping the nation. Mass protests and revolution broke out all over the world, including Egypt, Ukraine, and Brazil (to name a few.) The racial tension and riots, the mass shootings and gun violence, the abuse of power revealed in both police forces and the NFL, not to mention the ongoing issue with Middle Eastern terrorist groups– it seems that corruption and unrest is visible no matter where you turn, but we’re making no progress to improve it. We are polarized as people. If you don’t believe Bill Cosby raped those women, then you don’t support women’s rights. If you think the riots in Ferguson are wrong, you are racist. This isn’t helping anyone, and it isn’t improving the debate. People are busy pushing and shoving to get the newest iPhone, but they can’t be bothered to show up to the polls to vote. It’s sort of pathetic.

But when you look at what Pluto in Capricorn really represents, it is clear that the darkness that is emerging is exactly what we need to confront in order to heal. This is our cultural hubris– the culmination of all the guilt, anger, war, greed, and abuse that this country was based on. Uranus in Aries wants us to dismantle the old institutions and systems, but the only way we can do that is by facing the very inequality that has been protected and preserved by our government and big business. In each of our own charts, and in each of our own lives, we are faced with the task of tackling our hidden box of pain/hurt/shame. Because if we don’t, Uranus in Aries will make sure it erupts in your face. We simply cannot, and should not, keep going with this helpless acquiescence to the status quo. The Uranus/Pluto square is liberating us from the past, not by erasing it, but by bringing it forward into the light of day.

So if this week seems to grow more and more intense, remember how much change is possible when you are passionate. This isn’t an easygoing time, and it’s a tense time of year anyway. Try to keep the word “healing” in mind. Destruction and volatility are offshoots of this transit, but that’s a choice to be made by each one of us. There’s always the choice to help make things better, too.


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