Venus entered Pisces this week, formed a square to Saturn earlier this morning, and is now moving towards a conjunction with Neptune which will be exact on Sunday. Astrology associates Venus with pleasure, beauty, and harmony– it is a symbol of both what we desire and what we place value in. Our self-esteem is connected to that. We love to be around the people/places/activities that feed our sense of worth. So things that are precious to us tend to be things that we love in ourselves– the things that bring out our favorite parts of our personality.

With Venus transiting Pisces, there’s a certain softness seeping into the picture. This is a sensitive energy, in tune with unspoken or subconcious vibes. We can find ourselves more empathetic and compassionate with the planet of relating (Venus) in the sign of spiritual oneness (Pisces). This can take form in relationships with others or simply the way we are treating ourselves. There’s a gentle and soothing quality to Venus in Pisces, where we can approach emotions from a less defensive stance. But there’s also a risk of enabling or sacrificing too much, which never works out well in the end. Balance is important between giving and taking, and that includes how indulgent we are with ourselves.

Where are you taking advantage or being taken advantage of in your relationships? What are you doing that makes you feel good? That seems to be the theme of this weekend. This morning’s Venus/Saturn square presents us with a friction– sort of like we’re being told, “Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.” Saturn will point out our delusions, no matter how glossy and nice they are. But Venus is moving away from this square, toward a meeting with Neptune in fantasyland. It’s wise to stay grounded in self-honesty, because we are inclined to get carried away as Neptune gains influence.

With Venus involved, it all comes down to a healthy relationship with joy and self-worth. Pisces is an encouraging and calming sign, and we can use this weekend to tend to issues or struggles that are normally volatile. Just remember not to get too lost in the emotional waters.


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