The Moon will oppose the Aquarius Sun today, forming a Full Moon at 6:08 p.m. EST.  While the influences of any Full or New Moon are always in effect several days before and after the exact lunation, this one is particularly amplified with loud-mouth and lucky Jupiter just four degrees away from the Moon in fiery Leo. Jupiter has the effect of expanding the qualities of the Leo Moon, meaning that personal power and pride are largely emphasized right now, as are ego and appetite gratification.

On the “glass half full” side of the equation, there is an enormous craving for love and fun with this Leo energy. The Moon represents emotional comfort and instinctual behavior, so in Leo it is warm and magnanimous, confident in the expression of love and appreciation. Of course, the flip side of that is the sometimes excessive demand for attention in return– Leo is in love with the spotlight and Jupiter is increasing that sense of entitlement. If used mindfully, this energy can be a blast of creativity and laughter. The shadow side is irrational greed or ego-driven power trips.

Japanese Garden, Portland Oregon

Pride has an obvious link to self-esteem. But there’s something different about pride that comes from negative places in our ego. This Full Moon shines some light on where our need for self-expression and exertion of power is coming from.

The Aquarius Sun, at its best, is ingenious in its open-mindedness. Aquarius is the air sign that epitomizes brotherhood of man, infused with an unbiased acceptance of all walks of life. The strength of this sign is that it recognizes the gifts of each individual, as well as seeing the weaving of these unique gifts as a move toward improving society for all.

When taken too far, that Aquarian energy is too self-righteous, too conceited, a “know-it-all.” And that Leo Moon, if taken too far, will answer with pompous and egotistical drama. Of course, that is the “glass half empty” side. The positive potential of this astrology is to incorporate the warm strength of royal Leo — the sign that embodies its own power with courage, completely proud to be alive at this moment in time — and balance that with the cooperative and peaceful idealism of the Aquarius Sun. It’s a lesson in honoring the common good while still feeling healthy and strong in your own inner fire.

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