“We are the scientists, trying to make sense of the stars inside us.” (C. Poindexter)

Astrology is a tool to better work with and understand our experiences in life. As a reflection of what is going on at a microcosm level, the astrology of any particular moment can be extraordinarily complex or incredibly simple. It is a study of the symbolism of the planets, a language of meaning behind the cold hard science of astronomy. The real gift of astrology, as I see it, is its ability to help us see our connection to the cosmos, to glimpse some sense of greater purpose to our hopes and our frustrations, and to know there’s a meaningful evolutionary drive to our actions.

What the planets are doing up in the sky can certainly be complicated to assimilate into one descriptive forecast. Take today’s New Moon, for example. The is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon at 29 degrees and 59 arc minutes– the very last possible increment of Aquarius. This happens at 6:47 p.m EST, and then the Moon literally moves into Pisces one minute later, followed by the Sun two minutes after that. It’s almost a revolving door of planetary shifting, coloring this week with a strange Aquarius/Pisces flavor. Add on top of that the fact that both Mars and Venus will move ahead into Aries on Thursday and Friday, respectively, and we have quite a lot of planetary noise to contend with.

That last degree of Aquarius is mentally strong, perhaps lost in one’s own thoughts or future plans. Aquarius is somewhat detached emotionally, and we are reaching the end of the Sun’s transit through this sign. So we’re all in tune with our own inner voices pretty well, at least on a philosophical level. When a planet is at the 29th degree, it can almost get a little uncomfortable, like it’s anticipating crossing the threshold into the new one. There’s a sense here that we’re getting a little too rigid or cold in our opinions, and we’re ready to let our emotions back in the picture.

And then we enter Pisces, the compassionate and gentle water sign that would rather watch a movie buried under blankets and pillows. This is a great energy for creative projects or  bonding with loved ones, but not necessarily the best for pushing our own agendas. Boundaries are whittled down when the Sun is in Pisces, so we may not feel the most analytical or pragmatic with this energy.

But Mars and Venus charging forward into the first sign of the zodiac… that’s an entirely different energy. We are full steam ahead with the planet of action and desire entering a headstrong and impulsive sign like Aries. We may feel more impatient, more rambunctious, and more willing to battle our enemies and party with our friends. This sign is all about action and moving forward, and these planets are fired up to express themselves in close personal relationships.

How to make sense of all that into one weekly forecast? Well, it’s like going to see a musical performance. Depending on many factors (like your physical position in the audience, your past education or experiences, your personal bias) you may be paying more attention to one instrument or one performer than another. If your son is the drummer, you are likely watching him. Not to say you don’t hear the entire band, but you are focused on one performance, one sound, more than the rest.

If you have a lot of planets in your natal chart in the first few degrees of Aries, you will likely feel the supercharged energy of Mars and Venus here in the next few days. If you are a Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising, the artistic sensitivity of this transit will probably inspire you pretty strongly. It’s all relative to our own natal charts, our own perception of the world around us. (And if you don’t know what your natal chart looks like, email me and I will send you a picture of it!)

Astrology is based on the premise that acknowledging these energies helps us to work better within the planetary cycles. This is a strange and interesting week to listen to those divergent chords in the air. We are transitioning into the last sign of the zodiac, and March is a wild astrological ride. Get ready!


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