The Sun and Moon formed a conjunction this morning at 5:36 a.m. EDT, marking a New Moon at the very last degree of Pisces, which means the very last degree of the zodiac. At 6:45 p.m. tonight, the Sun will enter Aries, beginning a new year and new spin of the astrological wheel.

The fact that there is a New Moon at a point so connected with the culmination of the zodiac seems to bring us into this strange limbo, where we may be revving the engine but the car is in neutral. We’ve had a lot of Piscean energy lately during the Sun’s transit, leaving us with many different manifestations of tuning into our inner world, whether that be emotional, creative, or escaping reality. That subdued and passive energy can leave us itching for fiery Aries action, but this lunation is slowing us down a bit, asking us to listen a little harder. Pisces is gentle and wise, and the last degree of the sign is the bridge to the first degree of the new cycle. Consider it a point where you can integrate what you’ve learned about yourself lately into a new layer, like growing a new skin.

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The transition into Aries will start heating up energy levels, bringing us back into the more extroverted versions of ourselves as the winter fades away. This New Moon is a reminder not to be too rash or headstrong right out of the gate. There can be lots of decisions or shifts during the big seasonal changes, and that means that many people are at crossroads in tons of different ways. We tend to start new routines and projects or set new goals during these times, and that means everyone may be figuring out what ‘normal’ is all over again.

Although the Sun’s transit of Aries is often marked by an impetuous and impatient energy, the New Moon is a reminder to chill out for a minute. We would all do well to take a deep breath and consider where we want to end up before we charge forward. The volume of life will be turned up soon, these next few days are a good time to quiet it down and reset our focus.

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