Astrology does not determine one’s destiny. Our lives are shaped mainly by the choices we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in. But the symbolism of astrology is a tool to gain a better perspective on where we are now. The point of it all is not to predict the future, but to help us understand the universal planetary energies that are at work.

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We’ve entered into the full phase of the Moon, which will be exact at 8:05 a.m. EDT tomorrow (Saturday). This Libra Full Moon is also a total lunar eclipse, and it opposes the Sun as it approaches a conjunction with wild child Uranus. That brings this lunation in a T-shaped formation with transformative Pluto, urging us to break out fast and furious. If things seem a little volatile lately, try to take a step back from diving head first into the deep end. As the Sun and Uranus get closer in the forceful and adventurous sign Aries, there’s a compelling urge to bust out of former states of being, whether that be certain routines, habits, relationships, jobs, clothes… whatever. Aries isn’t a patient sign, and Pluto’s square to the Aries Sun can expose the shadow qualities of arrogance or selfishness.

Diplomacy is a key to the Libra Moon, and the message of this astrology is to try to see the other side of things. Rash action and inconsiderate behavior may feel like a trigger during these next few days, and the ripple effect can be huge. While it may not be possible to tread softly through these huge waves, it’s wise to maintain some balance

The planetary energies are extreme, and we’re likely to feel a lot of changes taking place in one form or another. The electric energy continues through next week, as Mercury follows the Sun’s path and forms a conjunction with Uranus on Wednesday. This heightens our awareness to brilliant insight, but it also can be a little hyperactive, making it difficult to slow down. And when we go too fast, we can lose our ability to see another angle, another possibility.



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