Transitional times of year, like these weeks while the Sun passes through cardinal sign Aries, bring with it an implicit urge to make changes. Spring cleaning, new exercise routines, budget plans, tuning up cars… all of those things on our ‘to do’ list beckon louder because we naturally want to be ready for summer activity. And with that comes a more self-involved focus where we are so in touch with what we are working towards or preparing for that we have little patience for or interest in other people.


Two planets will change signs within the next few days, hopefully helping to lighten some of this willful intensity. Venus shifts into airy Gemini on Saturday morning, and Mercury lands in calm Taurus Tuesday night. The curiosity and sociability of Venus in Gemini allows us to avoid getting bogged down in heavy emotions– we’re excited to relate in new ways, and probably more open to engaging in new styles that separate us from the past. This shift of pleasure-loving Venus in versatile Gemini means that we’re receiving a breath of fresh air that allows us to move around in our environment with more appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us.

Mercury’s move into Taurus eases up on the gas pedal of our brains. We’ve been under a lot of pressure lately with passionate astrological influences that urge us to make major breakthroughs in our individual expression. So we keep on thinking about what we need to do now to get to a goal then. Taurus, however, is an earth sign at peace in the present moment. It doesn’t worry about the past or stress about the future; it lives in the now. While this may also bring some stubbornness to our opinions or stances, there is also a potential for us to slow down and observe our situations on solid ground. We can be very practical with this planetary transit– Taurus is grounded and logical, and unlikely to get too carried away by  the fun and flirtation that Venus in Gemini is stirring up. Together, these aspects make it easier to see ourselves within the context of our own personal societies. We’re more open and flexible to contact, and yet more solid in our own position.

Rather than feeling so driven by our egos, maybe this step back, this little bit of detachment, can help us act with more consideration for the social worlds we live in.




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