The Sun began its yearly transit of earth sign Taurus at 5:42 Monday morning, signalling a subtle slow down in the astrological atmosphere. It’s often difficult to calm the pace of our external hi-tech world. But when the influence of Taurus is strong, we have a better shot at easing up and tuning in to where we feel enjoyment and serenity– a place where we can loosen our grip because we are anchored in the present moment.

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The wrinkle in that idealized peace and calm is some tension between Mercury and Mars, which are already in earthy Taurus, and their successive squares to hot air balloon Jupiter in Leo. When the planet of brains (Mercury) and muscle (Mars) are pumped up with the glamorous vision of Jupiter in Leo, there’s a strong potential of stubbornness. Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, meaning their energy doesn’t shift easily. Fixation on a particular perspective, desire, or intention is one of the downfalls. But there’s also a great potential for taking the moral high road, of sticking to a plan or strategy with resolve and faith. It all depends on the choices we make.

Mars and Mercury will both pass through an easy 120 angle to Pluto early this week before the two speedy planets form an exact conjunction with each other on Wednesday. The trine to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn means we are inclined to handle reality with some maturity and productivity. There is a natural skill at making decisions, eliminating waste, and taking pragmatic action. And when Mars and Mercury join forces, we can really feel some sense of easing into a rhythm, the way the marathon runners are doing today in Boston, going for endurance and sustainability.

While the Sun, Mercury, and Mars pass through Taurus, it’s a good time to quiet down and tune in. Simplicity, quality– the love of nature and animals, the enjoyment of food, aromatherapy, massage– all the things that connect us to the earth and our physical bodies are important. We can recharge our batteries by focusing in on that sensation of grounding ourselves in the physical here and now.



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