The word perception is loosely defined as “the way we think about or understand something or someone.” We each have our own way of perceiving information, and every one of those ways is colored by a variety of personal factors. We learn through the way things make us feel, and our perceptions are shaped by those emotions and assessments. Yet, as humans in this society, we often do battle with each other because we lose sight of this individual perspective. We think there is an absolute truth — we insist “this is the way IT IS.”

Mercury entered its home sign Gemini Thursday at 9:59 p.m. EDT, which usually signals a lighter and more flexible mental mood. Mercury is the planet of communication, and its transit of airy Gemini can bring with it a sense of curiosity and sociability that eases the rigid boundaries of our personal opinions. The tricky thing here is that Mercury is on its way to oppose Saturn, which will be exact on Sunday, the same day as the intense Scorpio Full Moon.


The Scorpio Moon opposes the Sun in Taurus at 11:42 p.m. Sunday, and they each form a square to Jupiter in Leo (making a T-shape). This continues the trend that has been going on for the past week or so, as Mercury and Mars passed through their own respective squares to Jupiter. A square forces energy together– there’s a dynamic tension that usually requires us to shift or act in order to move around it. With this tension occurring in fixed sign, there can be an absoluteness to that quality, and we may run into different forms of resolute committment. Look at what’s happening in Baltimore. The ideal the protestors are fighting for is justice, but taken to the extreme, it’s blatant destruction and violence. The idea of being “right” is strong with Jupiter, the planet of broad vision and righteousness, squaring the stubborn Taurus Sun and the passionate Scorpio Moon.

While Mercury’s shift into Gemini will help to diffuse these heavy vibes, the opposition to Saturn challenges the integrity of our words. Saturn is retrograde right now, moving slowly backward through the first degrees of Sagittarius. Potential reality checks may require some maturity– particularly about the stories we are telling ourselves and others. Saturn always wants us to get real, to strengthen our sore spots and clear out the bullshit. There seems to be something a little serious about this weekend’s Full Moon, where remembering the individuality of perception is an important idea to hang on to.




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