Subjective thinking seems to be the planetary theme as Mercury and Neptune begin a dance that will quietly influence the next six weeks. Sensitivity is a blessing of this astrological transit, as our mental boundaries are loosened and minds begin to softly open. The challenge lies in maintaining rational ground when swept along in any chaos or confusion.

Mercury is a symbol of movement or exchange. That’s why it is called the planet of communication– it represents the exchange of information. Mercury rules talk, thought, transportation, sibling relationships, short distance travel, the media. Under this umbrella of key words that Mercury “rules”, you can see that the basic character of Mercury, and its home sign Gemini, involves a flow of energy (words, people, technology) bouncing back and forth, a give-and-take between two points.

Mercury is moving forward right now through Gemini, and will form the first of three exact squares to Neptune this Saturday afternoon. This will repeat on May 29 and June 23, as Mercury retrogrades and turns direct again, so it’s a lingering aspect that may cause some subtle but strange waves.

When Neptune contacts another planet, it’s as if the directness of that planet is filtered or diffused a little. Neptune is a hazy fog of spirituality and creativity. It correlates with the mystical and poetic artistic imagination that spurred ancient people to create mythologies and religions. Neptune involves the human desire to find meaning and a connection to whatever god exists. Taken to another extreme, Neptune also relates to escaping through alcohol and entertainment– anything to get into that fuzzy realm of hope and inspiration.

So there’s a good chance that things may get a bit weird surrounding communication as we head through May and June. There is never anything inherently negative about any astrological transit, and this is no exception. The point is to be aware of it and patient when things go haywire. Information can be misinterpreted on regular days, and now we have Mercury getting wrapped up in a game with Neptune. The line between fact and opinion can be blurred, and wishful thinking and compulsively avoiding reality are natural tendencies. There’s also the risk of getting overly wrapped up in melodrama or gossip. Mercury is in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces– both are mutable signs that like distractions and entertainment.

The higher function of this transit is a compassionate healing quality that allows us to open our brain’s capacity for understanding. Neptune is fusing its’ universal acceptance and peace-loving ways with Mercury’s social butterfly curiosity, hopefully helping us to enjoy and appreciate our personal interactions. There is a more receptive feeling in the air, where being flexible and accommodating comes somewhat naturally. Our intuition and ability to relate emotionally is reinforced, as long as we don’t get swept away by the tides.



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