Mercury turns direct again tonight at 6:33 p.m. EDT, after its three week retrograde in home sign Gemini. While it will take a few days for the messenger planet to even out its speed, the complications and holdup’s will begin to ease up, hopefully facillitating movement and communication. (I say that as I type this on my Kindle. My laptop broke down and the computer I just borrowed won’t connect to the Internet. Sigh.)

An energetic and perhaps restless atmosphere is likely to build this weekend as the New Moon approaches on June 16th. Mars, the planet of physicality and self -assertion, has been within a few degrees of the Sun in Gemini since the beginning of the month, and they will finally form an exact conjunction on Sunday. Gemini is a curious sign, enticed by information and gossip. With Mars infusing the versatility of this sign with
an excitable and somewhat hyper flavor, there are bound to be some thoughtless words or actions flying through the air. When the need to express oneself overpowers the impact of what one is saying, it can be a coldly opinionated world where people are all convinced of their own rightness.

The Moon, Sun, and Mars will meet up early on Tuesdsay for this New Moon phase, just two days after Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio for the summer months. Saturn transited Scorpio from October 2012 through Christmas Eve of 2014. This brief retrograde back into the intense and harshly honest waters of the fixed water sign will allow for the shedding of unnecessary baggage. Saturn challenges us here to be real about our soul purpose in this life, to release people, things, and habits that hold us back or weigh us down. Releasing doesn’t mean removing; it means letting go of the shadow sides – the dependence, the toxic patterns, the guilt and blame.

So we have Saturn up there irritating this New Moon in Gemini, potentially causing some tension in the air. On the positive side, the somewhat frustrating inertia of Mercury retrograde is coming to an end. Hopefully my computer works again. But be mindful of words and actions this weekend. The energy we put out there is powerful, particularly with Mars and Saturn in the mix.

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