Well, it’s finally here! The Sun moves into Cancer on Sunday at 12:38 p.m. EDT, marking the official start of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Due to continued technical issues (soon to be solved), this post will be a short and sweet look at the subtle nature of this cardinal water sign.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon and associated with the realm of feeling– things like childhood memories, domestic concerns, and the human inclination to protect and care for something are all associated with this cardinal water sign. That isn’t to say all those born with strong Cancer planets in their chart are supportive and introverted — there is often a powerful outer shell safely protecting the inner person’s privacy. That’s the tricky things with the water signs; much goes on below the surface, invisible during a superficial glance.

While the Sun begins its month-long transit of this intuitive sign, we are given a chance to go a little easy on ourselves, maybe even reminded to take better care of our bodies, homes, or emotional base. That’s not something we are taught in modern society.

We are encouraged to be hard, not soft. Take 5-hour energy to power through the day, join the newest crossfit fad at the gym, take a pill for an erection, and buy this cream to get rid of wrinkles. Just do it, no pain/no gain, stay young, play hard. Our attention is always drawn to how to improve the outside, without really any concern for what is going on internally.

The less time we care for ourselves, the more vulnerable we are to the outside world. This summer solstice represents a turn in the wheel where we are invited to take stock of the inner situation, and tend to our own inner worlds. As the sign associated with mother, Cancer reminds us to take good care of our home base. Lots of other astrological influences will turn up the volume in the coming weeks, so try to take time during this solstice to get grounded in that safe shell.

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