The Second Noble Truth of Buddhism teaches us that the root of all suffering is attachment. We struggle so often to get what we want and hold on to what we have, and it seems as though we may be missing something important right in front of our faces. The effort it requires to attain our vision of success seems to threaten the simple ability to live in the present moment, to remain grounded and grateful for our current life. The upcoming Full Moon in Taurus, exact at 8:05 a.m. Tuesday, brings to light the question of what is truly valuable.

The Sun moved into Scorpio this past Friday afternoon, stripping away the light and airy Libra veneer to reveal a more focused and passionate quality under the surface. There’s a need for privacy with Scorpio’s intensely analytical approach, and the realizations that come to our attention can be brutally honest. This fixed water sign is not inherently harsh by any means– Scorpio is emotional and intuitive, as well as wise and committed. But if things are bad, useless, unhealthy, toxic, or just kind of a drag… Scorpio has the willpower to kick it to the curb. There’s an extreme potential that can be tapped into, an inclination to change forms drastically.Rocks

Meanwhile, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus are all in Virgo, increasing our need to get things accomplished. Virgo has the tendency to prune back overgrown areas, helping the entire system run more efficiently. We have momentum on our side with this problem-solving zodiac sign activated with high-energy planets. It’s easier to figure out what’s wrong, what’s not working, and what needs to be done to fix it. But there’s also the chance that the critical side of Virgo and the obsessive side of Scorpio can feel a little bleak, like everything is broken and negative. Both of these signs are compelled to heal, but Virgo’s nervous worry and Scorpio’s distrust can be overwhelming. Paranoia and fault-finding can be unfortunate baggage with this astrological combination so strong in the atmosphere, especially if we’ve been glossing over some issues in our lives.

Full Moons always represent the balancing of two archetypes. The Scorpio Sun opposite the Taurus Moon brings our attention to attachment. With Scorpio and Virgo speaking loudly right now, we may be ready to cut ties with things we no longer need. Eliminating what is holding us back is a healthy pursuit, and we have sharp thinking and focused purpose on our side to make clear judgments. But the Moon in Taurus is there to remind us that patience and self-acceptance are needed to balance the scales. Taurus strives for the simple ease of being comfortable in the physical plane, in the here and now. Our personal strategies for fixing, building, and gaining are all necessary in their own right, propelling us forward on our paths. But when we go off the deep end with it (a common activity during Full Moon phases) we end up deleting good things too, or missing the pleasant memories we’re experiencing now. Projecting a “perfect” life later on, after we’ve acquired what we want, only builds a barrier to living in the present.

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