A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

-Colin Powell

Saturn is moving forward through Sagittarius right now and has begun to form a 90 degree angle with Neptune in Pisces. The square will be exact from November 26 through December 4, but the planetary influence is already swirling through our inner worlds and will be for the rest of the month.

Snowy Haze

The signs involved are philosophical in nature– both Sagittarius and Pisces seek understanding beyond our everyday reality. So there’s a questioning and searching quality to this astrology where we can see things from a broader or more detached perspective. We are looking for directions to the right path, one that offers us hope for fulfillment.

The tension in the square comes in with Saturn and his tasks. Saturn always tests the value of things, showing us where we are not functioning to our highest potential. That may sound pretty strict, and sometimes it can feel that way. But the work we have to do to get past these Saturn challenges generally carves out our character and the very essence of our lives. It is reality, and that includes all the limitations and frustrations that get in the way of our fantasies coming true. In the place of those extravagant and often distorted goals, Saturn offers us authentic reverence and gratitude– we learn through our struggles what really matters.

As Saturn moves through this fire sign, the issue is one of expansion and contraction. There are potential downfalls of pessimism or doubt while the no-nonsense planet applies pressure to forward-thinking Sagittarius. It’s a bit of a downer sometimes. But with it too comes the possibility to take actual steps toward our ideal situation. There’s a sense of determination that can help us to move to the next level, in whatever area of life that may be for each of us.

With Saturn and Neptune making contact, the merging of dreams and reality can take root. Saturn’s sobering influence on Neptune’s drunken whimsy offers us a chance to figure out what we want tomorrow and the next day from here on in. Rather than floating away in wishful longing (and maybe bitching and moaning as well), we can work with Saturn to make grounded improvements in our future plans, bringing the dream that much closer to our reality.


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