“Me, I figure as each breath goes by

I only own my mind”

(Pearl Jam)

As the holiday season reaches its peak in the next two weeks, activity levels and nerves are stretched thin. We’re all on the run; catching up, finishing up, planning and working for a happy Christmas and New Year. It’s important, especially at these hectic intervals, to touch base with that voice in our own heads– the person within that is running around so rapidly these days.

The Sun will be moving into Capricorn on Monday (Dec. 22), marking the official start of winter in the northern hemisphere. This comes after the high-energy vibe of the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius, and the shift between these two signs can seem particularly contradictory. On the one hand, jovial and gregarious Sagittarius has been infusing the social scene with an outgoing and expressive flair. Many people feel pulled in a million different directions as they struggle to get it all done. While it certainly is true that the holidays are a time of joy and family, it is also a very demanding and exhausting time when a lot of energy is expended outwardly rather than inwardly.

Christmas Tree

As the Sun moves into earthy Capricorn, we can get a better sense of our feet on the ground. Capricorn embodies the urge toward self-possession. It is a mature and goal-oriented sign that strives to express the self authentically, with no manipulation or glossy masquerade. While the Sun moves through this territory during the change of the calendar year, we all tend to get clear on our goals through resolutions. We try to make amends with ourselves and focus on how we can work with serious devotion towards our personal ideal.

In my yoga class this morning, my teacher talked a lot about patterns. Whether good or bad, we all have patterns of thoughts and behaviors that we hold onto mindlessly. She used the metaphor of a tree– how you have to remove an unwanted tree by first cutting off the branches, then segmenting the trunk, and finally digging up the roots. The Solstice is a powerful time of renewal, and the Cancer Full Moon on Christmas morning is a significant symbol of emotional healing. The astrology of late 2015 urges us all to work mindfully towards releasing those patterns dictate our behavior everyday. Knowing our own mind, and expressing that mind with honesty and integrity is the whole point.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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