February and March are hardly a paradise in most of the northern hemisphere. Weather patterns usher us indoors for months on end, dealing with ourselves in a much more quiet and subdued way than we do during other seasons. These months coincide with the Sun’s transit through Aquarius and Pisces, the final two signs of the zodiac.

winter sun

The Sun moves into Pisces this Friday, followed by a Virgo Full Moon on Monday, Feb. 22. The characteristics of Pisces can be difficult to pin down. There are abstract keywords associated with this sign: spiritual, compassionate, creative, empathetic. But that doesn’t really encompass the way Pisces behaves in everyday, mundane situations. Sure, the inspired poet or devout yogi is expressing a Piscean energy, but so are the old friends reliving college memories over a bottle of wine. As is the teenage girl staring in the mirror, trying on makeup and practicing what she will say at the party. Pisces is warm and daydreamy, it’s the place we go when we’re inspired by the fun of everything. Being the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces has the potential of reaching a higher view of the world, one where love and acceptance are ultimate values. And when the old friends are laughing about freshman year or the teenage girl is playing out her fantasy dance, the boundaries of reality are lost– all time goes away and there is pure happiness.

So we have that going for us. Beware that overindulging is a big part of that “loss of boundaries” penchant that Pisces pulls into our atmosphere. In addition to the solar shift, both Mercury and Venus have moved into airy Aquarius over the past week, where they will each form a supportive 60 degree angle with Saturn in Sagittarius on Feb. 25 and 26. We may receive some important insights or information over the rest of the month, but we have to be ready to respond. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both future-oriented signs; this little connection they’re making can propel us forward nicely if we are perceptive and open-minded enough to catch onto their hints.The detachment this energy provides allows us to see paths we didn’t see when we were so emotionally entwined.

Saturn is also involved in a larger transit that will be building throughout the rest of the winter and spring. Jupiter in Virgo is moving retrograde into a square angle with Saturn, which will linger in the background for the next several months. Jupiter is urging us to make things better; to fix, prune, replant, rebuild. And this square with Saturn represents a strict wall we may hit while doing what we believe is right. Saturn in Sagittarius is testing the strength of our personal stories. Everyone has their own version of life, but only one reality exists. Saturn is that reality. So these next few months may have a pressured element to them as we encounter obstacles to our perfect plans. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, either. When Jupiter goes overboard in Virgo, there’s a holier-than-though Pollyanna quality to the agenda. And Saturn is going to force that squeaky-clean surface to deal with the serious work of tidying up. Doing the work is more important to Saturn, while theorizing about it and planning it is up Jupiter’s sleeve.

So the next few weeks offer up a some astrological wisdom in the zodiac wheel’s final sign. Whether you daydream, meditate, brainstorm, or lucid dream– this is a good time to listen to the voices in your own head, and to pay attention to strong gut feelings. Intuitions and subconscious material can come in to focus while we have Piscean and Aquarian influences in the planetary landscape.


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