The fog of Pisces is slowly beginning to lift as the Sun edges closer to the end of the last zodiac sign. It will transition into Aries at 12:31 a.m. this Sunday, marking the Vernal Equinox and the official start of spring. This shift typically brings with it a fresh feeling of potential and a renewed physical energy– we tend to be full of vigor for the extroverted and active summer months in the northern hemisphere. But upcoming astrological influences point to the need to curb that boldness with a little gentle understanding, or the next few weeks could be quite bumpy.

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For much of March, the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and now Venus have all been floating through idealistic Pisces. That means that the energy has been largely internal or subconscious– the emotional realm has carried more weight than the external world. Now we start emerging from that retreat as the new zodiac year begins. The Sun begins the change this weekend, and then Mercury enters Aries next week, just before the Full Moon on March 23. That’s a quite a drastic change– Aries is assertive and adventurous, and not inclined to consider the needs or feelings of other people. Aries is more about “me” than “us.” Not to say Aries is inherently a selfish sign; it simply embodies the quality of personal will. While the Sun transits this fire sign, we are all called to live with more blatant honesty and intention, pushing aside what other people want from us or for us.

Venus is still in Pisces, and will make intense aspects with both Jupiter and Saturn in the days following the Full Moon. Venus corresponds to our relating abilities– it’s how we feel about the things we love or desire. The challenging part of these astrological events has to do with fantasies of perfection. Venus in Pisces urges us to believe in our wishful thinking. It is a romantic and supportive energy that seeks to escape the harsh and ugly truth of reality, instead getting lost in the art, creativity, and joy of any experience. It’s a lot of fun… as long as we can deal with letting it go when we have to get back to work. That’s the tough part: accepting the responsibilities of real life. During the next week we may encounter some tension or conflict in this regard– something that gets in the way of freedom or delusions. Arguments over integrity or honesty may come into play, perhaps leading to hurt feelings.

Adding to this the backdrop of impulsive and willful Aries, and you can see the melodrama brewing. The straightforward and rash style of this fire sign may not help us with our tact, and that in turn can fuel a perfect storm for Venus to try to run and hide from while reality awaits in every corner. Try to maintain the Pisces lesson of “live and let live”so that the harsh edges don’t feel so sharp. The positive potential of these planetary transits is dynamic, but it will take some wisdom to navigate it. Aries is an initiator of change, and we are imbued with a powerful sense of ability while charged with its fiery energy. It’s just a matter of maintaining some generosity and consideration in the meantime.


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