The Sun’s transit through air sign Gemini signifies a time of mental stimulation. Consciousness– the awareness of things in our environment– is more complicated than we often assume. Our perception is so individualized that we can’t see the same factors that another person does. That can bring diversity and excitement to conversations and interactions, but it also can lead to argument and strife as people become polarized in a right/wrong stance.

We’re heading into a whirlwind of planetary energy this week, culminating in the Gemini New Moon at 10:59 p.m. Saturday. The Sun and Venus are traveling side by side in the sky, and by the end of the week the Moon will join them in Gemini. Saturn is opposite this cluster, and they’re all being squared by Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, forming a giant cross against the wheel of the zodiac. The mutable signs are described as being more adaptable and changeable, having a quality that can lend itself to either of its neighboring signs. So there seems to be an overwhelming abundance of chatter and shifting right now, where nothing is as it appears to be. Information can spin us 180 degrees, only to have another perception change our mind again. The Grand Cross has this vortex feeling to it, where we want to get things fixed (Jupiter in Virgo) but we’re confused as to how (Neptune in Pisces), and we’re overwhelmed by possibilities (Gemini) but don’t believe anything will really work out (Saturn in Sagittarius).

While this energy builds this week, the best astrological strategy is to stay light. The impressions and influences that continually affect our moods and mental states are just waves of information. Nothing has to stick, and it’s interesting to notice our reactions. We’re getting closer to a point of freedom when we don’t stick to an old script. Saturn in Sagittarius is urging us beyond that.




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