The irony of this time of year is that while the summer season may be busting out in full force, bringing with it travel and social extraversion, the Sun is simultaneously entering one of the most introverted signs of the zodiac– Cancer. This watery energy is internalized, but not necessarily shy. Retreating within is a normal strategy for Cancer because time alone is critical in order to make sense of all the subtle emotions water signs experience. iphone pictures 144

With the Sun and Venus already in Cancer, and Mercury joining them tomorrow, we’re getting a heavy dose of this energy, meaning that a lot is going on under the surface. It’s not always easy to talk about what we’re thinking or feeling during these phases, mainly because there aren’t actual words to describe what’s going on. Ideas and impressions aren’t fully formed– there’s nothing concrete, just a possibility or intuition that we may entertain in our imagination. And this hazy, intangible quality is further enhanced as these three planets in Cancer make contact with Neptune and Mars in the other two water signs. Early July is an ideal time to invent and dream, but the more pragmatic decisions may be better off postponed until Mars picks up a little more momentum. The Warrior Planet ends its retrograde cycle tomorrow, moving slowly forward again through those last degrees of intense Scorpio. We’re pushed to purify and focus right now, rather than gloss over and move on.

Of course, the frustration comes in here when the outside world interferes. Anxiety is a common ailment when we fear losing security, and often we worry about things that are out of our control. During the next couple of weeks, the powerfully disruptive nature of this time in history may rear its ugly head. We do have a few presidential national conventions to contend with, along with thousands of consuming Americans unleashed on tourist towns nationwide. It is likely we will feel annoyed, nitpicked, overcrowded, helpless and hopeless at some points during the debacle that is July.

One way to counteract this burned out feeling is to recharge with things we love to love. Whether that’s taking care of a garden, pets, painting furniture or houses, or spending time with family and friends– the one on one connection of showing care and concern for something else outside of ourselves helps us feel supported in a kinder world.


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