The Sun shifted into Leo today, following Mercury and Venus into this wholehearted fire sign known for expressive emotion and larger than life theatrics.The core of Leo is more about the sharing of an inner gift than it is about gaining applause from an audience. When the Leo function is operating in a healthy way, the need for attention from others lessens as the generosity factor increases. It is related to the Sun for that reason– the Leo energy radiates heat and joy, a certain passion for life that reaffirms happiness for others. That may sound altruistic, but we’ve  probably all experienced a “let the good times roll” type of charismatic party host at one time or another.

If Shakespeare was right, and “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”– we should be ashamed of the performances lately. Americans are disgusted by their represented officials (nominees included) and officers sworn to protect and serve. We share a mysterious threat of bombs and guns, both homeland threats and from the ominous terror organizations of the Middle East. And us citizens– we fight each other about which bathroom someone can use. And we hate… most of all, we have an abundance of hate. It’s a perpetual torrent of fighting and blame, as if the outrage will somehow help in any way.Tish's photo card ending 09 024

Leo is the sign of creativity and courage. But we’ve come to a point where ‘pride’ has been distorted by nationalism. That isn’t patriotism. It’s an isolation technique, where unless you are exactly like me, you aren’t part of my country. We’re at a horrific point where some people denigrate the Black Lives Matter movement, as if IT is the racist problem. While the Sun moves through Leo, it’s a great opportunity to embody strength of character and to offer help in the world’s need for light and laughter. Leo reminds us to take the high road because the view is so much nicer.

As we get into early August, Mars returns to fire sign Sagittarius after its retrograde phase back through Scorpio. Meanwhile, Saturn is pretty much hovering at the same degree of Sagittarius through September because it is about to switch direction and turn direct too. We are going to feel a shift in energy as we are propelled forward with all this active force. It’s important to keep in mind how strong that dynamic can be, especially when we’re identifying fiercely with what we believe to be right or true. It can be explosive, it can be lazily self indulgent or ego-maniacal. Or, we can take the initiative of all this to enjoy the moment and to tune out the toxicity we see and hear everywhere. Put simply, we can party like it’s 1999.

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