Jupiter moved into the sign of Libra today, where it will reside for the next year. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter in Libra increases our taste for beauty, pleasure, and harmony within internal and external relationships. To read more about the month’s astrology, check out my blog here.

This week’s astrological scent honors the luxury and indulgence of Jupiter in Libra with Geranium and Ylang Ylang, but offers some emotional support and balance with Clary Sage and Lavender. Mercury is still retrograde, and nerves can be easily rattled while it backtracks through detail-oriented Virgo. This aromatic blend uplifts and soothes, reminding us to find joy in the little things. Clary Sage naturally helps to balance hormone levels, while Lavender calms tension and stress. These essential oils are all excellent for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin, plus they really smell incredible!

  • Jupiter in Libra Blend– Available as a 1 oz. roll-on oil ($10), or a 2 oz. facial spray ($15).

Here are the other blends available for September:

  • Clear the Way Allergy Inhaler – Late summer allergies are getting to many of us these days, and this little inhaler is handy to keep around. It contains a blend of Cedarwood, Melaleuca, and Lavender essential oils to open up the airways and soothe the breath and nerves. $5.00
  • Ease Up Tension Headache Inhaler – Trying to get back into the swing of normal life is often a little hectic. September is a busy month of responsibility. Remember to chill out with the relaxing scent of Lavender, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, and Cedarwood. These oils reduce headache pain and support physical and mental stress relief. $5.00  (Also available as a 1 oz roll-on oil for $10.00)

Contact me at roottoriseremedies@gmail.com to order. Delivery/pick-up available for locals to Salisbury area, otherwise shipping will be a few dollars more. Thank you!!

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Jupiter in Libra; Mutual Benefit | A down-to-earth planetary forecast. · September 9, 2016 at 9:36 pm

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