One of the most significant dangers in astrology is assigning value judgments to planetary transits. Challenging, or “hard” aspects often prove more valuable than the seemingly lucky breaks we receive. This is because we have to sit and work with the hard aspects; they cause stress and strain. But growth, in this way, is lasting. We earn our stripes. When easier transits occur, it can be a fleeting whirlwind of good times. But it actually takes quite a bit of effort to harness the blessing into something more substantial.

root-to-rise-remedies-003Today’s astrological event is a good example– the planet representative of growth, increase, and expansion is moving into the sign of relationship and aesthetics. Jupiter takes approximately one year or so to move through each sign, depending on its orbit, and shifted from Virgo to Libra this morning at 7:18. This means that the requirements of a healthy social life will be highlighted, and likely exaggerated at times. Conversations seem more enjoyable and the wine tastes better. But there’s always a bit of caution that we need to keep in mind with Jupiter because going overboard is so very tempting.

Libra, the sign ruled by Venus (which is also in Libra right now) has a lot to do with our self-esteem. Our feelings toward ourselves are reflected in the type of relationships we have. As Jupiter inflates this sensitivity over the next year, we’re challenged to improve and elevate our internal value system, how we balance the needs of others with our own. Issues of generosity/selfishness can start coming up because Libra’s themes of equality and fairness are growing in importance.

No time could be more ideal than right now to start sifting through the details:  Mercury is retrograde in Virgo during September, which coincides with the transit of Venus through Libra. Reconsider where you place your energies, taking a good look at the value returned on the energy invested. Sometimes Mercury retrograde allows us to review things that we were going full steam ahead with, slowing us down to mend mistakes or reroute the course. And going in a totally different direction may seem to make more sense as the month moves along.

As we move closer to next Friday’s Full Moon in Pisces, the emotional sensitivity in the air will likely grow more intense. The Sun and Moon will move into a T-square to Mars in Sagittarius, which implies we may also have some temper flare-ups along the way. The hasty and headstrong nature of Mars in Sagittarius can easily contribute to anger and impatience, as well as intolerance. Meanwhile, Venus in its home sign Libra will oppose radical Uranus in Aries, challenging our sense of self-esteem or personal value systems with unexpected insights or events.. The astrological forecast calls for some reevaluation and internal care before moving too quickly. We will be in touch with some intuitive ways to protect our inner equilibrium regardless of any external factors. And that’s really the challenging thing with Jupiter in Libra, as co-dependent behavior and delusions about relationships tend to increase. Jupiter in Libra loves to be loved– so stay clear on personal truth or you may get swept up in its hot air balloon.

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