The Libra New Moon will be exact tonight at 8:11, marking the beginning of a new cycle that coincides with the start of October. Jupiter joins the Sun and Moon in this conjunction, amplifying the cosmic message to expand our inner peace and develop more fairness in our relationships.


Up until this point in 2016, the dissipating influence of the Saturn/Neptune square may have slowed our forward progress. Saturn in Sagittarius is exploring the validity of the bullshit we believe, forcing us to take responsibility for our preconceived notions. During the long months of repeated contact with dreamy Neptune, there’s been a risk of delusion and avoidance. If we took the high road, we got in touch with some spiritual truth during the first three-quarters of this year. If we took the low one, we are clinging to our version of the truth desperately. And most likely, we’re all doing a little bit of both– because this is a confusing, murky time in human history.

Tolerance and false kindness are not the same thing. Everyone has different points of view, and we tend to like people who share similar ideas. But when someone says something we don’t like, there seems to be common habit of cutting them out. We’re quick to delete people from our phones, to block them on social media, as if that somehow solves the problem. “Unfriending” is easy. Eventually, however, we’ll only have people around us that feed into our own views, who tell us what we want to hear rather than what they authentically feel.

A few planetary shifts lately have increased our ability to focus and get to the heart of the matter. Mars moved into Capricorn, deepening our commitment to personal dignity and autonomy. Even though the Sun and Jupiter in Libra are emphasizing our relationship needs, we may be able to maintain healthy boundaries with integrity. We can run into some tension next week in the quintessential Libran struggle– the balance of self versus others, when Mars and Jupiter form a square on October 5. Being conscious of this friction is wise, particularly if we’ve been suppressing something. Venus recently moved into Scorpio, adding a little intensity into the quality of our emotions. So when you combine the desire to connect closely (represented by the planets in Libra and Scorpio) with the powerful individuality of Mars in Capricorn, self-esteem issues come up, including how much of our own identity comes through in our relationships.

During its transit of Libra, the Sun shines its light on our ability to see paradox and still live in peace. Contradiction is natural; disagreement is healthy. Libra teaches the beauty of diversity– as we find the intellectual strength to let other people believe what they choose, we find our feathers less ruffled by what they say. Inner calm is the whole point. We need to work on this as a country heading into the most disgusting presidential election in our history. And we need to work on this as individuals who cut people off with technology rather than working through differences.

And just so I’m not the only one singing Sly and The Family Stone in my head all day…

I am no better and neither are you

We are the same, whatever we do

You love me, you hate me, you know me and then

You can’t figure out the bag I’m in

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