The Sun’s passage through Scorpio plunges us into the cold hard truth that winter is coming. As trees decay and the earth goes to sleep, we turn to more serious concerns in our lives. Naturally the seasonal shift reminds us of the fact that we have limited time in these bodies, and what we do with that time matters.


The Sun in Scorpio invites us to willingly take part in transforming our lives, helping us to shed old forms we no longer need. There’s so much that we take the easy road on in everyday life– and that may often be harmless. But human nature is flawed, and we sometimes allow ourselves to avoid the hard things that truly MUST be handled… until, eventually, we can’t avoid those difficulties anymore. When we go into those areas, we are entering Scorpio’s territory.

We have some mellow astrological aspects coming up this week that will help funnel this laser sharp analysis into useful ways to help ourselves our of any ruts. That is the task of Scorpio– to find a way to get us to what is meaningful. And somehow, we Americans have to find the way to do this regardless of the outcome of our presidential election. We have to sustain as neighbors and community members, despite the divided opinions displayed on signs in the front lawn.

The issue is, how do we forgive? It’s pretty easy, if we just think of all that has hurt or humiliated us in our past. That’s the gift of Scorpio– we may be raw and harshly true with others, but we are also honest with ourselves. And when we can use that tenacity to realize everyone has complicated motivations working within them just like us, hopefully we can lay down the weapons and start a serious exchange of information.

Mars moves into Aquarius at 12:52 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov.9. Mars, the warrior planet, representative of all that is willful, brave, and ferocious in us; entering the sign of equality, fraternity, and liberty. On a positive note, this may signal a shift into a more mature conversation. It’s shadow? Rigid self-righteousness. We have to continue as a nation with a commitment to healing our wounds and not glossing over them with political slogans. The wisdom is available to us with all that is painful and dark in public consciousness today. Nobody is blameless, and no one we vote for can fix it. Buy products that don’t fill landfills, recycle, sign petitions for civil rights improvements, don’t be mean to that guy from India on the telemarketing call, do whatever the hell you want that isn’t terrible for everyone else. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start cleaning up the mess, rather than devolving into yet another senseless video game or Facebook session. Because we have a limited time here on earth, and we deserve a better stay than we’ve had so far.

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