Sagittarius, known in astrological symbolism as The Archer, is represented by the glyph of an arrow. This mutable fire sign carries with it the essence of outward projection, just like the arrow as it flies forward into the unknown, into the future.

moon-rising-031The Sun and Moon will conjoin early Tuesday morning, forming a New Moon in Sagittarius and marking the start of a brand new lunar cycle. The capacity to broaden our understanding or our perspective is strong. If we can open up to the unfamiliar, which is supported by the expansive nature of Sagittarius, we’re able to see a bigger piece of the whole picture. And our need to create some hope and optimism is important now in the anxiety of the times.

Tuesday’s New Moon forms a tense square with Neptune, which turns up the volume on idealism. On the positive side, our belief in doing the right thing or taking the high road is reinforced. The compassionate element of Neptune in Pisces urges the action-oriented Sagittarius luminaries to guide, help, and encourage others. On a negative note, crystal-clear perception is hard to come by as people seem to express themselves in vague or hasty ways. The misunderstanding takes on some distorted power, confusing us about the truth. The challenge of this square is the nature of our belief system, and whether it is inclusive and accepting of other perspectives, or limiting and excluding all other influences.

We’re at a point in the calendar when our attentions turn to celebration. The holiday season has ancient roots in festivals of light, where people honored the themes of hope and renewal of the human spirit as they faced the darkest time of the year. In more ways than one, we seem to be at a “dark time” in the world. Hate abounds. Venus, the planet of self-worth, has had a bumpy ride lately. While traveling through Capricorn, Venus conjoined intense Pluto on Thanksgiving, and is now heading toward a square with edgy, unpredictable Uranus just hours after Tuesday’s New Moon. There’s a vulnerable, edgy, touchy, and raw quality to these Venus aspects, throwing us through waves of self-defensiveness and explosiveness. We need to be a little more forgiving of ourselves and others in order to create a more harmonious Yule season.

As the Moon waxes to full phase over the next two weeks, both the Moon and the Sun will pass over Saturn in Sagittarius. We may encounter some reality checks, as the planet of integrity tests the veracity of beliefs. Expect some bubbles to be burst as the truth comes out. But two planets will change signs during the first week of December, which may help clear a path to higher ground– Mercury will shift into Capricorn, and Venus heads into Aquarius. These are stabilizing forces that allow us a bit of mental grounding and emotional equanimity, making it possible for us to celebrate peace.

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Maureen Winslow · November 27, 2016 at 6:08 pm

Lets hope for good things to come.

Greeting the Season of Sagittarius | Root to Rise Remedies · November 27, 2016 at 7:16 pm

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