The darkest nights of the lunar phase are upon us now as we await the arrival of the New Moon on Friday, Jan 27, at 7:07 p.m, when the Sun and Moon make their annual conjunction in Aquarius. The new cycle that’s about to begin accentuates our individualism– Aquarius is a fiercely independent sign that seeks authenticity over conformity. There’s a sense that we can anticipate a change of pace in something soon, maybe a shift in perspective that allows us more freedom to express ourselves.


Personal style is overabundant in our culture today, and a lot of that is projected outward on social media where we can develop a profile that doesn’t necessarily represent us honestly. For better or worse, we say things without fearing an immediate human response. So there’s a distance there– between what we “are” in our communication and what we truly are in reality.

The astrology of this New Moon phase reminds us to check in with our true nature, and to realign with that centering point in all that we do and say. Late January and early February are marked by some intense planetary aspects which can stir up our awareness and everything we think we know. It may be stressful; but it can also be liberating, particularly when phony facades are torn down to show the true nature of human spirit, exemplified by the inspiring marches that took place all over the world in the name of women’s rights after the orange president’s Inauguration. On a personal level, this energy helps us to move toward a more free-spirited incarnation, shedding the need to fill certain roles or take routine points of view.

It may serve us well to use this time as a pre-spring cleaning, particularly in behaviors or habitual attitudes that we’ve had a tough time breaking. Mars will enter Aries the day after the New Moon, followed by Mercury getting involved in the Pluto/Uranus square as it passes through the later degrees of Capricorn. And then Venus follows Mars into Aries later in the week, continuing the themes of headstrong, courageous conviction turning up the pressure in our lives. Energy levels are strengthened with fiery Aries, which reinforces us as we head into the last full month of winter. Physical and social activity get a boost, which also lowers patience levels. Mercury’s entanglements represent power struggles which can become verbal. There is a potential to clear the air in long-buried issues, but it’s important to remember the power of words. We’re not necessarily inclined to sensitivity during these astrological events, but we are certainly defensive of our own free will.

A productive way to use this is freeing up the space that isn’t being used wisely. The gift of Aquarius is trusting one’s own unique path, and knowing that the path is not limited by the past. The Aquarius New Moon offers clear vision to make sure you mean what you say, and you say what you mean.



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