Despite the weather here in New England, the spring season is about to begin. My astrological blend celebrates the return of the sun as we enter into the bright half of the year. Tulip, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot essential oils combine for an uplifting blend of sweet flower and light citrus aromas.

Spring Blossom is made with 100% pure jojoba oil, and is available in a 1 oz. roll on bottle. Bergamot, a sunny and warm scent, supports self-acceptance and reconnects us with hope after a long winter. Ylang Ylang is luxurious and soft, and encourages playfulness and the feeling of being supported by others. And Tulip, while not often used in aromatherapy, has an innate symbolic relationship with the start of spring. Tulip essential oil is simple and vibrant, just like the flower it comes from. Spring Blossom Essential Oil Blend helps to calm the mind, ease pressure and self-doubt, and remind us that warmer days are ahead!

The roll on is $10. Contact me at for ordering details.

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