With spring moving into full gear during this Mercury retrograde, life seems to get energized in somewhat of a frenzy. Loss of sleep and issues surrounding nervous tension can wreak havoc on all the major systems of the body. And now with the Sun in serenity-loving Taurus, we want to try to honor the calm presence of mind that we can connect with when we slow down and engage our senses.

Lavender essential oil helps the autonomic nervous system relax, assisting with depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and migraines. The scent encourages simplicity and openness, urging us to untangle all the hyped up impulses we’re receiving at this lively time of year.

I’m making a batch of lavender essential oil roll-on bottles and inhalers, each one available for $7, which includes shipping in the U.S. I use certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) lavender essential oil from doTerra. The 1 oz. amber roll-on contains all natural jojoba oil as a base, which is a lightweight and moisture-rich carrier that easily absorbs into the skin. And the personal inhalers are a convenient way to carry lavender essential oil–they’re about the size of a lipstick, and a fast and effective blast of aromatherapy on the go! The roll-on and inhaler are each $7, or get the pair for $10.

Contact me a roottoriseremedies@gmail.com to order, or pay with PayPal here. (If using PayPal, don’t forget to send me your mailing address, and specify if you’d like the roll-on oil or the inhaler.)

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