Summer days are upon us! The Sun moves into Cancer on Thursday, June 21st, marking the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The astrology of the season is intense, as we navigate Mars retrograde and a few solar and lunar eclipses. I created Good Vibes Lip Balm to lighten the mood– a reminder to celebrate the warmth and vitality of these long summer days. (Read more about the astrology here!)

cancer profile (2)

The constellation Cancer rising over Salisbury Beach.

Good Vibes is made with organic beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Wild Orange, Cardamom, and Benzoin essential oils. The sweet and spicy scent work to ease anger and depression, reminding us to embrace joy and shed judgment.

Wild Orange– Inspires a positive mood, restoring physical energy. Encourages humor and playfulness, helping us to overcome discouragement.

Cardamom– The Oil of Objectivity, which soothes anger and frustration. Centers the mind during emotional distortions, helping to bring peace to our intense inner feelings.

Benzoin– Helps release hidden resistance and tension, assisting in calm communication during times of difficult or uncomfortable emotions.

Good Vibes Lip Balm is $5, including shipping in the U.S.

Good Vibes Lip Balm

handmade lip balm with essential oils


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