Autumn has arrived, and so has this year’s Harvest Moon. I’m bringing back one of my favorite essential oil blends to celebrate the season!

The Sun shifted into air sign Libra on September 22nd, marking the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. Libra’s primary objective is to release the tension that builds up naturally in life. It is an active, initiative energy that seeks peace and harmony. I’ve created Harvest Moon Blend to help support the body and mind in times of transition while facing the unknown. Autumn tends to bring up poignant feelings of time passing, and we need to be reminded of joy and hope as the days grow shorter. Harvest Moon Blend combines essential oils that are anti-depressant and stress-relieving, helping us to stay connected to our hearts.

Neroli and Pettigrain are both extracted from the bitter orange tree; Neroli from the orange blossoms and Pettigrain from the leaves and twigs. These oils help calm nervous tension and insomnia– and being part of the citrus family, they also work as mood-enhancers. Cypress aligns us with the flow of life, assisting us to let go of the past and accept the inevitability of change. Ylang Ylang is a soft and sweet scent that comforts the soul after times of loss. Palo Santo is a sacred wood used by ancient cultures to enhance meditation. It is grounding and spiritual, reminding us that love is immortal. And a little organic Vanilla absolute makes this blend warm and encouraging, like a warm blanket on a cool night. I blended the essential oils with organic jojoba oil and Vitamin E, a natural preservative.

Harvest Moon comes in a 10 ml roll on bottle, $13 plus $2 for S&H in the U.S.

Harvest Moon Blend

10 ml essential oil blend



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