In astrological terms, Venus represents the function of the human psyche that releases tension and stress. We endure so much pressure in our lives, and that strain wreaks havoc on our nervous system. Venus allows us to calm down, to find peace in a shared conversation, a warm hug, a gorgeous sunset, or a favorite song. Friendships, romance, and aesthetic beauty all feed the basic human need for serenity. Without Venus, the Goddess of Love, our lives would be harsh, competitive, and lonely.

Venus is retrograde in the sky right now, going through a natural rebirth cycle, to be born again as the morning star in November. To celebrate this journey, I’m offering a special mini-reading focusing specifically on Venus in your natal chart. First I’ll explain where Venus was when you were born– which will give you insight into your relationships. Venus helps us to recognize who to trust in life, and what kind of connections will help us feel better about ourselves. Second, I’ll describe where this Venus retrograde is happening in your chart, to help you do the re-evaluation that’s required for a healthy renewal of your values. Venus retrograde can illuminate what is no longer satisfying, and with a little self-awareness, you can come out of this phase with a strengthened appreciation of what’s important in your life.

This digitally recorded reading (approximately 30 minutes long) will be emailed to your inbox, with no appointment necessary!

To order, email me at with your birth information (date, town or city of birth, and as close to the exact time as possible). Payment is $25, and due at time of order. You are welcome to use the payment button below, or my Venmo address is @roottoriseremedies.

Venus Reading

digitally recorded astrology reading


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