Release, the Scorpio Blend is my newest aromatherapy blend, created to help ease menstrual cramp pain. In medical astrology, Scorpio is associated with functions of the body that purify, eliminate, and reproduce. Zodiac sign Scorpio naturally gravitates toward the parts of life that are extreme and real, not avoiding topics that make others uncomfortable. (Interested in more on the astrology? Listen to my  Full  Moon Podcast!)

scorpio blend

Release, the Scorpio Blend for menstrual cramp relief, 1 oz. pump bottle

So… let’s talk about our periods, ladies. Dysmenorrhea is the term for painful menstruation, including disabling cramps. And essential oils and herbs have a long history of use in coping through this unavoidable part of our cycle. Here are the ingredients I blended for an all-natural alternative to over the counter medications:

Geranium— often called the “woman’s oil” because of its balancing effect on fluctuating hormonal levels, including PMS

Lavender— well-known for its effective relief of pain from muscular aches and tension

Marjoram— sedative effect on the nervous system, helps ease PMS

Clary Sage— helps ease menstrual pain and regulate menstrual flow, helps ease PMS

Organic Safflower Oil— increases circulation, helping to ease muscle aches and pains

Organic Evening Primrose Oil— assists with menstrual difficulties and discomfort

Vitamin E— a natural preservative

Massage topically into lower abdomen, obliques, and lower back. Or for a stronger effect, try a hot compress application. After applying on body, add a small amount to a hot towel. Lie down with hot towel on lower stomach for 20-30 minutes.

Release, the Scorpio Blend

1 oz. aromatherapy menstrual cramp relief



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