Just in time for the winter weather– an all-natural wax to protect your dog’s feet from snow, ice, and chemicals on the road! Paw Proof Wax is a simple blend of beeswax, organic avocado and coconut oils, and handmade calendula-infused olive oil, a recipe created by Dr. Karen Becker, integrative veterinarian.


The wax comes in a wide, shallow tin– you just rub your dog’s paws on the balm, and it creates a light, protective barrier that prevents  salt, sand, antifreeze, and frozen clumps of snow and ice from sticking. That way your pup can enjoy the outdoors without discomfort and chemical exposure!

4 oz tin, $6.50 plus $2.50 S&H in the US.

Paw Proof Wax

4 ounce protective balm for dog feet



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