My aromatherapy offering for Sagittarius season is an essential oil blend created to support inner resilience and restore faith in the face of the unknown. Sagittarius is marked by a hunger for truth and meaning, seeking understanding through experience and exploration. But that quest for meaning is relentless and exhausting, which means that burn out and bouts of despair are natural soul traps for this naturally passionate sign. Sagittarius is willing to engage in life wholeheartedly, despite the risks and expenditures. As Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

aromatherapy blend for Sagittarius

Reach, the Sagittarius Blend

Reach, the Sagittarius Blend, is a mixture of Pink Pepper, Frankincense, Patchouli, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang essential oils in a base of organic safflower oil, handmade calendula-infused olive oil and Vitamin E. It has a deep, sweet, and richly spicy scent that facilitates meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation, because sometimes Sagittarius needs to remember to slow down and digest experience.

Pink Pepper enhances alertness and stamina, and Patchouli is invigorating to the physical body and animal instincts. Frankincense connects us to spirit, raising our vibration and guiding our intuition (and it’s a nod to the traditional lore of Frankincense and the story of Christmas). Lavender soothes and clarifies, helping us think and communicate through this hectic time of year, as Mercury ends its retrograde phase. And Ylang Ylang, the joyful heart-opener, reminds us that the magic of the season is all around.

This aromatherapy blend comes in a 1 oz pump bottle, $12 plus $3 S&H in U.S. Massage into neck, shoulders, lower back, and torso– helps to stimulate the senses, encourage blood flow, and get beyond restraining mental patterns.

aromatherapy blend for Sagittarius

Reach, the Sagittarius Blend

1 oz essential oil blend


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