The Sun moved into Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, on Sunday, January 20.  And 11 months ago I began this zodiac-themed aromatherapy blend series– beginning at the end, with Pisces. (I’ve included links to all 12 blends below.)

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To wrap up the Constellation Blend Series, I created Free Spirit, inspired by Aquarius, the final air sign of the zodiac. Aquarius represents loyalty to individuality. It’s driven by a need to question all external influence and assumption, and driven by an ideal of authenticity to one’s own true nature, regardless of the price paid for being different from the rest. The gifts of this energy are strongest when honoring the freedom and unique humanity of all people, but the shadow area lies in detachment– a sort of aloof or disconnected mental quality that can seem cold or uncaring. The Aquarian instinct is toward humanitarian causes– equality and invention, but it needs support when it comes to emotional connection. Aquarius is in danger of getting lost in the intellect.

DSC03660 (2)

Free Spirit, the Aquarius Blend, is a simple mix of Neroli, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender essential oils, crafted to help connect the head and the heart. Neroli, the essential oil associated with Aquarius, is derived from blossoms of the bitter orange tree. According to folklore, Neroli was named after a princess from Nerola, Italy who loved to wear the oil as a perfume. It’s a meditation aid, insomnia treatment, and aphrodisiac, used in ancient tradition to soothe nervous apprehension.

Aquarius rules the nerve impulses in our bodies, including the meridian system– influencing how energy flows through the organs. Neroli helps to calm stress and trauma, easing turbulent emotions that can make Aquarius want to mentally check out. And Lavender and Roman Chamomile are comforting, soft, and emotionally grounding oils that encourage emotional availability, humble acceptance, and heartfelt communication, helping energy flow with less strain and fewer mental blocks.

Free Spirit, the Aquarius Blend, is made with organic jojoba oil and Vitamin E (a natural preservative), and Neroli, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile pure essential oils. 10 ml roller bottle, $12 plus $3 S&H in the U.S.

Free Spirit, the Aquarius Blend

10 ml roller bottle aromatherapy blend



The Constellation Series

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Inner Peace, the Pisces Blend

aries 1

Courage, the Aries Blend


Presence, the Taurus Blend


Clarity, the Gemini Blend


Good Vibes, the Cancer Blend


Radiate, the Leo Blend

virgo blend

Simplify, the Virgo Blend

libra blend

Grace, the Libra Blend

scorpio blend

Release, the Scorpio Blend

aromatherapy blend for Sagittarius

Reach, the Sagittarius Blend

DSC03623 (2)

Root Chakra, the Capricorn Blend

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