To love something is to pay attention to it. Otherwise, love is just an empty concept, like an opinion. We bring an active ingredient to love– an energy of giving and receiving support back. At least that’s what it’s supposed to look like, when the relationship is healthy.

The summer of 2019 is a tender atmosphere offering fertile ground to grow in, but we’re battling back the demons of resignation and disillusionment that threaten to drain our life force. Jupiter and Neptune are currently in the 2nd of 3 squares this year, diffusing balloons of optimism with a haunting sense of futility. ‘What does it all matter, anyway?’ seems to be the trendy attitude; a thin veil for the genuine collective longing for better days.

After the summer solstice on June 21st, the Cancer Sun will make its way to an opposition with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node of the Moon, all in Capricorn. The first half of July is colored by this polarity between the mother of the zodiac (Cancer) and the father of the zodiac (Capricorn). The planets in Capricorn are pushing us to demand more respect, both from the outer world and from within ourselves. Capricorn does not want to be treated like a child, it wants to be seen for the boss that it is. But in order to claim true mastery, we need to be on the right path for our authentic happiness. And the shadow side of Capricorn is rigid and mindless work without an emotional connection to the outcome.

So the questions facing us this summer surround the themes of our mission versus our happiness. How can those things be in better alignment? Are the realities of our lives– the job, the relationships, the bills we struggle to pay– are they supportive of the life we actually want? Cancer urges us to nurture what matters, what memories we want to look back on in life. Summer is sentimental, and it can revive the inner child. And in 2019, there’s a lot on the line. Dark days have pressured us for a long time now. This summer offers a chance to reconnect with a life that we care about, that we want to pay attention to, and that we love.

Let me know if I can help guide you through the astrological cycles of 2019– distance readings available via email. Contact me any time with questions, too.


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