Leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac– the eternal flame. It represents the archetype of valor and courage, of giving your creative spark in whatever form it takes. The artist creates because the internal heat must find expression. The athlete trains because winning represents a triumph of the human spirit. The comic tells jokes because laughter encourages us in the face of the hardships we suffer.

This New Moon, exact tonight at 11:12 EDT, occurs simultaneously with Mercury completing its retrograde cycle. We begin August off moving forward fast with an impending sense of change. Both Venus and Mercury will square off with electrifying Uranus over the course of this lunar cycle, and Jupiter will finally turn direct again in Sagittarius, forming a strong fire trine in the sky around the weekend of August 9th and 10th.

It’s difficult to remain in existing patterns through this astrology. The desire to feel more free, more alive, and more in love is overpowering. To satiate the fire trine, we are going to need a spiritual element, and in Leo, that must involve generosity of spirit. Fire works up our appetites, and we can burn up in greed and dominance. Fire also empowers our narcissism,  fooling us to go along with anyone who agrees with or admires us.

Leo must feed the ego– this is the time of the year when we are reminded that we all have a right to be seen, appreciated, and loved.  But being egotistical is the shadow of Leo. Inclusivity is the difference between conceit and pride. If you can’t be genuinely happy for others, of if you feel weakened around them, this is the time to break free from that trap. Leo rules the Sun, and it’s a reminder that we all have a light to give. It’s our job this summer to find a path to greater warmth, courage, and self-esteem.


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