The Sun moves into Aries at 5:37 a.m. EDT on March 20, 2021, marking the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and this season ushers in the feeling of starting anew, venturing forward into fresh forms. There’s a vivid sense of renewal at this time of year, reviving the spirit after the dormancy of winter. Aries is a dynamic fire sign, and it’s entire purpose revolves around developing the power of our will. This sign is characterized by a raw, unharnessed energy that only wants to move in one direction– forward. Aries isn’t concerned about the clarity or the reasonability of where it’s going; it simply wants the strength and freedom to do what it wants to do. So the immediate questions facing us involve desire and decisions. What do you want to be, what do you want to have, where do you want to go? Those are the questions that feed the flame of Aries the Ram. Anything hindering your ability to choose will feel frustrating, bringing up anger, irritability, and impatience with the obstacles in your path.

Venus follows the Sun into Aries on March 21, ramping up the streak of independence that will pump through our cosmic veins during the next few weeks. Relationships are entering some touchy territory, compounded by the fact that Ceres and Chiron are both waiting for them here. If you’re holding onto wounds from the past– situations where someone took something important away from you, judged you unfairly, or rejected or disappointed you, these are the emotional landmines that can trigger defensiveness in your life. Aries is not comfortable with the sensitive concept of give and take. It’s not content to settle for second best. Things that we may have thought were over and done with can return with a vengeance, particularly those unrefined feelings that are instinctive and irrational. Sadness turns to anger, and victimization turns to vindictiveness. So try to be aware of the high road available: clearing up places where you truly aren’t doing what you want, or living as you’d choose. The whole point of Aries is to get braver, to be more direct about the “socially acceptable” behavior we may have been hiding behind. The darker faces of resentment that rise up are signaling us to change– showing us where we are swimming in stagnant, bitter waters and need the spark of fire to get us moving.

We’ll be heading right into this lively area of the zodiac during the first week of Aries season, as the Moon waxes from first quarter to full phase, exact on March 28. And this is also the first week that Mars will be out of bounds, reaching an extreme point of latitude out in space that is out of the range of “normality.” Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, and therefore has more influence on our lives during this solar season. The warrior planet will be out of bounds from March 21 through May 24, which means that it’ll be prone to pushing us to extreme behaviors. Keep this in mind when you feel compelled to fly forward impetuously. Mars in Gemini is like the wind– moving swiftly, touching everything, but not going deep enough to truly gather the deeper meaning. You know how when you know something by heart, you don’t have to think about it? It becomes ingrained in your consciousness. That’s going to be challenging during this whirlwind of activity. Because we may think we know a lot (Mars in Gemini has a voracious appetite for information) but in reality, we’re only observing things with a light, scattered rationality. We’re piecing strands of stories together to create meaning, without having the sympathy and depth to integrate the pieces as a whole. Mars indicates how we’re handling obstacles and confrontations. In Gemini, Mars is smart, able to play the mental chess game, becoming changeable and adaptive to circumstances in front of us. Coupled with the Sun and Venus in headstrong Aries, there’s a potential danger to this astrology. It doesn’t mean we have to go down that road, but it’s wise to be aware of the quicksand: Aries wants to take action based on personal needs, and Gemini is skilled at maneuvering mentally. We’re not as concerned with sincere receptivity, despite being insatiably hungry for stimulation. This season heightens our desire to connect, without supplying the substance to do so. This will cause problems if we’re being deceptive in order to get to where we want to go.

But there’s a magical quality to the spring of 2021, one that is uniquely suited to propel us forward after the dark year we’ve just experienced. That’s because the Sun and Venus will travel through Aries and create 60 degree angles with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Aries and Aquarius speak a similar language. What these signs lack in compassion, they make up for in innovation and idealism. They’re both concerned with moving the bar forward, and they’re both dissatisfied with the way things have always been. Apathy and selfishness may be the shadow, but they’re not ingrained as the innate nature of the season. If the decisive actions that we choose to take under these skies will help people around us, all the better. Aries wants to lead, to pioneer and show others what’s possible. And Aquarius wants to serve society, to shake people out of the limits of conformity and show them brand new ways of existing. These signs may not be gentle, but in their pure form, they both are altruistic. They are brave about facing new perspectives, and they are fearless about speaking truth. If we bring openness, curiosity, and a willingness to move with the flow, we can make the most of the solar fire of Aries. The season reminds us that “you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”

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