I’m taking evolutionary astrology on the road in New England during summer 2022. Appointments for astrology readings will continue to be available in Salisbury, Massachusetts (and virtually over Zoom!), but I’m also adding Tuesday afternoons in Dover, NH, as well as individual dates in Portland and Cornish, ME. Advance registration is required. All registrants receive a print out of their natal chart and a digital audio recording of the session via email. Just click the photo below to book your spot!

Evolutionary astrology is a branch of western psychological astrology with roots in eastern metaphysical beliefs. Basically I read the symbols of the natal chart through the lens of the karmic path. The result is a combination of psychological and spiritual therapy, offering insight and perspective on the inner workings of the personality as well as the purpose of this life’s healing. My readings get to the bottom of karmic patterns in order to facilitate conscious evolution.


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