Spring begins Monday, March 20, 2023 at 5:24 pm EDT, when the Sun enters Aries—the first sign of the zodiac. This is the vernal equinox, and the beginning of a new astrological year. And there are several major astrology events going on during the week of the spring equinox that will impact the upcoming months.

Springing Forward with 2 Aries New Moons

The Moon is right on the Sun’s heels at the moment of the equinox, and will follow into Aries by noon on Tuesday, March 21. The first New Moon of spring is at 1:23 pm that day, which falls at 0 degrees Aries– right on the beginning cusp of the sign. We’re going to have a second Aries New Moon (and solar eclipse) on April 20 at 29 degrees, which is the closing cusp.

That means that we’re adding an extra dose of cardinal fire into spring 2023. It’s a season that’s primed for action. Aries faces stress head-on, initiating new activity and moving directly into unchartered territory. And New Moons are also symbolic new beginnings, following a flow of lunar energy that waxes and wanes from month to month.

So there’s a willful courage available to us in this double whammy of Aries New Moons, supportive of independent breakthroughs and increased confidence. That’s the high road, and the innate potential. But it’s important to be aware that the shadow side of Aries is brittle defensiveness and impatience, which may play a part in decision-making. The strength and assertiveness of Aries can turn into insensitivity and narrow-mindedness: a fixation on winning at any cost because everyone seems like a threat.

Planetary Changes

There are two planetary shifts going on this week: Pluto moves into Aquarius on Thursday, and Mars moves into Cancer Saturday. Pluto is an extremely slow-moving planet, and will only be in Aquarius for ten weeks before retrograding back into Capricorn. This is an historic change that will affect society deeply over time, and I’ve created a video going into more depth– check it out here!

But the shift of Mars into Cancer will be felt in more immediate terms. Due to it’s retrograde, Mars has been in Gemini for nearly 6 months now—since August 20, 2022. Gemini is an alert and curious air sign. Mars’ extended stay in this territory means that passion and aggression have been quick to rise up and quick to scatter. Mars is excitable and restless here, itching to try new alternatives.

This also has meant that inspirational flashes lack real substance because of their fleeting nature. Mars in Gemini struggles with developing depth—it is both stimulated and distracted easily. It’s skewed toward immediate, impermanent solutions. And when angry or defensive, Mars in Gemini’s strategy is to flutter away, to argue with excessive wordplay, and to use logic to defend from instinctive understanding. This is Mars as Trickster—playing destructive and skeptical games without regard for the meaning of long term impacts.

From an evolutionary perspective, Mars in Gemini has been looking for alternative pathways, urging us to reinvent the way we perceive and communicate. It’s been about the courage required to observe information without preconceived notions, and working on reframing our mindset and our approach in communicating.

Mars in Cancer

And now Mars is moving into water sign Cancer, shifting focus toward healing, safety, and protection. This is an emotional place for Mars, and will increase the defensive strategizing of Aries season in general. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, and therefore holds significance in the astrology of the spring equinox. Its entrance into Cancer means that it’s time to quiet down the tension from being mentally scattered and over-extended. It’s time to tune into self-care, personal loyalty, and well-being.

Mars is more instinctive in Cancer; less concerned with rationalizing (like it was in Gemini) and more inclined to react to feelings. There can be some crabbiness to Mars in Cancer, as though the inner warrior is patrolling the perimeter and ready to defend against an invasion. It’s also quick to smell danger, so be aware of that emotional distortion. Mars in Cancer can spark paranoia and hypersensitive anxiety.

Spring Equinox Astrology

The astrology of the spring equinox initiates a season of fresh change and new chapters, shaking up the patterns of the past. Its energy is more authentic and less inhibited by restriction and a misguided sense of duty. Actions are prompted by emotion, which can help us reprioritize our attention on things closer to home, things that actually matter. This is a positive time for any new beginnings in life because of the intense focus on maintaining growth and rebuilding self-assurance.

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Maureen Ralph · March 20, 2023 at 11:41 pm

I really like this reading. Tough learning ahead but outcome ahead feels like one can land on firmer ground!

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