I was introduced to astrology during my college years at Boston University. As a film student in the College of Communication, I was drawn to one particular teacher with an eccentric taste in coursework. Professor Stephen Geller lectured on screenwriting theory with a nod toward the mystical, mythical, and musical. From my reading of The Changing Light at Sandover, an epic poem relaying  ghostly messages from the other world through a ouija board, or snapping my fingers in rhythm to Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” to get a better sense of storytelling, Geller opened my mind to all the weirdly fascinating ways to look for meaning.

Elizabeth Michaud

And then in 1998 he began my junior year off by assigning the task of finding our exact birth info and retrieving a copy of our natal chart from a New Age bookstore across the river in Cambridge for $10. We had a basic book on astrological symbolism, and using the planets in our own charts, were asked to create stories based on the planets as main characters. The language of astrology struck a chord with me, as if it was already a familiar one.  I haven’t stopped studying or practicing the craft ever since.

After graduating from B.U. and wandering through my early 20’s from Montreal, Quebec to Lake Tahoe, California, I crossed paths (thanks to my mom) with a professional astrologer who was visiting Boston from Seattle, Washington. During my first ‘real’ astrology reading ever, Michael Jernegan offered to be my teacher if I ever decided to pick up and move out to the Pacific Northwest. So of course I did.

I lived in Seattle for seven years, practicing astrology for friends and clients, and being mentored by Michael. In 2012 I moved back home, landing on the northern seacoast of Massachusetts. It was then that an old friend introduced me to aromatherapy, sparking another passion that feels intuitive and innate. I began formal training with Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy (AAHAA), and completed clinical aromatherapy certification in 2018. The study of essential oils naturally led me to herbs and flowers, and I began the certification process in the Herbal Academy in 2020. My next goal is to finish the certification and become a licensed herbalist.

Elizabeth Michaud and Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest, Durham, North Carolina– June 24, 2018

My study of astrology, aromatherapy, and herbalism will never end simply because there is always further to go.

I completed certification in Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program in June, 2018, and plan to continue my studies with him as long as he creates content to learn! Then I completed Judith Hill’s Medical Astrology Course in April, 2021, and am now enrolled in her online Academy for Astrological Medicine.

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Astrologer Elizabeth Michaud

Please feel free to contact me at roottoriseremedies@gmail.com with any questions.

Astrologer Elizabeth Michaud

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