Are you looking for more focused help than just one reading? Astrology is both informative and comforting. It shines a light of truth while supporting self-acceptance. And astrology can help navigate the path forward through times of confusion and self-doubt. Sign up for Astrological Coaching– 3 months of personal guidance from the planets as they move through your natal chart.

The coaching package includes 3 monthly predictive readings (approximately 30-45 minutes in length) emailed to you via MP3 recording, as well as 3 monthly 30-minute phone consultations. The readings will thoroughly outline the major astrological influences that are shaping your life. Transits and progressions are astrological techniques that track planetary motion. They represent energies that are impacting you– and by raising your awareness of these specific questions in your life, you’re able to take the higher road. Astrology offers improved self-understanding. And the phone consultations are opportunities for you to ask me questions, to seek further insight, or to discuss methods to deal with problems and to move ahead on your evolutionary path.

This 3 month package is $199, payable with credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. To get started, email me at & please have birth information available (date, town or city, and as close to the exact time as possible). If you’re having trouble finding birth info, contact me for options.

Astrological Coaching with Elizabeth Michaud
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