Cancer Full Moon Horoscopes -Jan. 4, 2015


Everyone knows you have the power to take on what you want right now, but you may want to reign in those impulses a wee bit. Just check in real quick with your ego. Are you being selfish, or are you bravely chugging ahead on something worthwhile? It’s your choice.


It may feel as though the clouds are parting, shedding some light on knowledge previously hidden from you. New thought patterns and philosophies are urging you to think differently, which can be a challenge to integrate if you are stuck in a routine. Spend some time figuring out what actually matters to you, regardless of practical application.


This is likely to be quite a sensitive Full Moon for you, perhaps bringing with it some uneasiness about past old shames or disappointments. Remember to treat others with the same compassion you’d like to receive yourself. The world could use a little more gentleness, and you may have more influence than you think.


It’s as if for once in your life, you don’t want to run and hide. This Full Moon is letting you feel free to be yourself– it is a time of empowerment and feeling supported by your self-esteem. Remember that gratitude is the quickest sign to the universe that you are ready for better. Enjoy yourself.


This is a hugely transitional moment for you. You can break away from bad habits, mental patterns, and emotional fixation with the power of this Full Moon behind you. It’s likely that some goals and visions are extremely visible to you right now, or conversely, ┬áseeming totally out of reach. Keep clearing away mental space for new learning. You are doing better than you think.


It’s not healthy to focus on controlling situations or other people, even if you feel like you are doing it for the good reason of protecting yourself. This Full Moon challenges you to be more honest and accepting of your own needs, while remaining honest with others. Don’t run and hide from what others are saying, but choose to stand in your own integrity.


Convictions and beliefs are potent forces right now, empowering you to speak your truth. Stay with it, regardless of your fear. There is something being set free in your emotional foundation right now, which will allow you to live more authentically in some ways. You’ll finally stop caring what someone thinks.


Revealing too much is a big fear for many people, and it is often easier to cling to privacy. The misconception is that secrecy equals power. You have some strong goals– important ones– and the world needs you to work toward them. Follow your strength.


It may feel like you are being tested, and perhaps you are. Your self-esteem is under the microscope, and even if you know you are right, you may feel a little on edge about your value. Chill out, and remember the things that make you feel good.


You are so strong, and you know that. Your compassion, however, is the thing that people are drawn to right now. They need your guidance and your reassurance. You are called on right now to protect those floundering possibilities that you believe in.


Don’t force your opinions on others right now. Yes… it’s likely that your observations and intuitions are correct, but people won’t benefit from hearing it just yet. Continue enlightening yourself — your time to shine is coming up.


Even with all the external social demands, you are keeping a clear eye on your priorities. Stay with that organization, it will help you set a guideline for the year ahead. You work well with this lunation, so use this time to get things organized and updated.


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