Capricorn New Moon Horoscopes -Dec. 21, 2014


Success does not equal financial gain or red carpet fanfare, but it does have something to do with recognition of accomplishment. If you find yourself compelled to succeed these days, be realistic about what is possible. Capricorn demands that you be resourceful and responsible. Act with integrity, and you’ll be pleased with the rewards.


A New Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn can be a nice snug feeling, as if everything is aligned and working effectively. If this is your situation in life, offer some help to someone who is on not-so-stable ground. If this is not your situation, seek guidance from a trusted source. Wisdom and long sightedness are indicated in your chart, you just need to tap into them.


This New Moon provides some clues to you from deep within, if you can just calm down all the chatter long enough to listen. It will likely come in the form of intese feelings, like desire, jealousy, or anger– and the clues are pointing you toward what you are lacking in your relationships. You are about to enter a long phase of reevaluation in this area, so it’s time to get honest with yourself about what you really need.


Enjoy your loved ones this holiday season. For an emotionally intune sign like yours, this Capricorn New Moon allows you to see the value of the relationships in your life. Rather than worry about what may be changing or evolving, celebrate all you have experienced with family and friends in the past. Let the future wait, and appreciate right now.


Think of this as the preparation for a big upcoming performance. It’s all about getting the pieces clean, fixed, and ready to function. When Saturn shifts into Sagittarius, you will begin an era of creative determination. So no matter how much work is required of you right now, it’s in your own best interest to get ready for the big show.


Projects that you begin right now will be quite productive, according to this dynamic New Moon. But as Saturn approaches a very sensitive area of your chart, it may require some commitment on your part. If life at home or with family seems frustrating, seek a creative outlet. There’s a great deal you can gain through self-expression — don’t get discouraged by any aggravation.


This is an excellent time to set a plan in motion for something very important to you. This is a seed moment – a time of great potential – and it concerns the foundation of your life. You aren’t vulnerable, you are strong– and recent events have proven just how powerful you are. Now you know that, and you can direct that energy out into the world for the greater good.


Because Saturn is poised at the very last degree of your sign, slowly creeping into Sagittarius, you may feel like you want to shake something off. It’s ok to feel restless or edgy. This New Moon is clarifying something for you, and it’s time to use the insight that you’ve gained during the challenges of the past few years. You have learned valuable lessons, and it’s time to put them to use.


Saturn is knocking on your door, and there’s no way to avoid answering it. You wouldn’t want to– there’s something of great value there. A restructuring is on hand, which may be exciting and stressful, but will absolutely be beneficial. Now is the time to get clear on what’s important. The planets are asking you to prioritize what you have in life, because you need to know where you stand when the time comes to make changes.


This New Moon is right up your alley, Birthday Boys and Girls! There are five planets in Capricorn, all signalling to initiate plans that will help you strive to your personal goals. There is great momentum on your side here. Just remember to keep things simple at first, don’t push too hard too fast. As you are well aware, it’s a long road to the top, and no one is racing you.


Your intuition is strong, but you may do well to let all the ideas and thoughts that are emerging sit in the pool of your consciousness right now. In other words, don’t force your opinions on others, regardless of how sure you are of being right. That’s not to say be silent or disengage, your viewpoints are of great value. It’s just a reminder to be aware of the fine line between “just saying” and preaching.


This New Moon is a great time to get clear on your future plans, particularly plans that have to do with other people. Capricorn’s realistic energy is stabilizing something in you that usually tends toward chaos or confusion, which is really improving your ability to plan both effectively and compassionately. This lends a more pragmatic approach to your very imaginative outlook.







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