Leo Full Moon Horoscopes -Feb. 3, 2015


Old or forgotten ideas may be coming back to your awareness for a second look, showing you excellent alternatives that you weren’t even considering. Though it may be difficult, try not to  be so caught up in your own personal drama that these impulses go unnoticed. There’s a stroke of genius surrounding your activities, and you will go farther with generosity than you will with arrogance.


If it’s at all possible, try not to stay stuck clinging to a particular belief, decision, or plan made recently. You’d be wise to remain somewhat flexible because reality is setting in, and you have to work within its limits. While protecting your investments (whether that be your reputation, career, or home) is vital to your well-being, the fixed energy of this Full Moon can be demanding and intense. Try to take a break from any pressure.


You’ve had some time lately to rethink a particular position that you have taken. If something seemed shady or questionable in the way that circumstances played out (either by someone else or your own doing), you still have time to straighten out the details before things continue any further along. Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct next week, and you will be able to start moving forward again with more ease.


If things have seemed a little unmanageable lately, some clarity should start to emerge that will likely improve your current standing in life. You may have a chance to fix a work-related mistake. In any case, there seems to be some good news on the horizon, even if it’s simply a more liberated point of view.While spontaneous or radical changes are not always your cup of tea, this Leo Full Moon encourages you to ride out these potential shifts with self-confidence.


The fire trine in your chart symbolizes an inspirational Full Moon phase, a time when your faith in the future is supported by events in the outer world. If you don’t find this to be a cycle of personal joy or renewal, this is an opportunity to seek new and more fulfilling ways to spend your time. It’s a reminder that life is too short not to love it, and chances for happiness are always being created all around us.


You may find yourself picking up on insights about people or events on a subtle, internal level. It’s likely that your gut feelings are pretty strong. Being cooperative with others while trying to implement the very smart advice/solutions/improvements you offer is the best strategy during this ego-driven Full Moon. No one wants to be bossed around right now, so use that gracious tact before diving in to fix the problem.


A lot can be accomplished when you have support and encouragement, and this Full Moon may highlight some new opportunities for fun or advancement that come through your social network. At any rate, this is a good time to be grateful for all the people who help you in life, and to extend that generosity and benevolence to others. Your ability to engage with people is strong, and your charismatic approach can open doors leading to unexpected new places.


If family or personal life matters are taking up a lot of your time right now, hang in there. Your strong and resilient presence is needed, and people are encouraged by your ability to stand your ground and not shrink away from the darker things in life. A lot of emotional baggage may be rising up around you, and you’re probably the only one that can deal with it straight on. People are hoping you will take the lead in healing it.


You have some really intelligent ideas lately. If your conviction and passion is pointing you in a positive direction, you have a tremendous amount of planetary support to move towards your goals. But it’s important that your plans be altruistic, for the greater good, and not selfish or greedy. The world needs your positivity and future-oriented outlook.


Money is linked to our sense of personal security, and issues surrounding that area of life can be unsettling. We all want control of our finances, but sometimes the demands of responsibility require us to sacrifice that control. This Full Moon may bring up some themes regarding money and spending, challenging you to clear up some recent confusion in this area. If events have brought extra cash to you lately, you’d be smart to save it right now. Things are likely to get clearer in the next two weeks.


Hopefully you’ve been spending your birthday month with people who really get you, because this Full Moon is a powerfully expressive time where your unique personality is shining in all its glory. And if others think you happen to be odd, who cares, you’re used to that. The point is to engage with those who make you feel loved and accepted unconditionally, and to give that love right back. That’s all that matters.


With Mercury retrograde making an aspect to Saturn, this Full Moon seems to be reminding you of unfinished business, or something that still needs to be redone or retried. It may be in an outer context, like your public life, or something internal that was glossed over or ignored. Addressing the nagging doubt may serve the purpose of expanding your role (or your income), so pay attention to opportunities for reorganization or restructure in your daily routines.




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