Pisces New Moon Horoscopes -March 20, 2015


Spring may officially begin on the calendar today, but it’s likely that the fog of winter hibernation hasn’t really burned off. It can be frustrating when you’re ready to emerge from the cold dark days and yet some force keeps pulling you back. There’s something to be said for restarting this fresh new spin on the zodiac with an eye to the past. You’ve picked up on some insights or understanding lately, maybe in a way that allows you to see other people’s perspectives a bit more clearly. Keep this compassionate awareness with you as the fiery and willful energy of Aries burns brighter in the coming weeks.


When trying to keep the peace in a turbulent environment, it can drain a lot of energy. And that’s difficult when others  are relying on you as the voice of reason. On the other hand, it should make you feel good that people feel safe placing their trust in you. If you are feeling a little run down, take some time to retreat. Mars will be entering your sign in another week or so, and you will get feel the slow steady humming of your motor again. In the meantime, try to recharge your own battery by taking the time to enjoy your five senses. Music, food, candles, massage… you get the idea.


Is your mood lightening up? Hopefully the seasonal shift today will improve your outlook. If you’re feeling a little cranky, take a minute to see what’s bothering you. We are all responsible for our own happiness, regardless of how much we’d love to blame others. And you are particularly aware of the fact that you have total control over your chosen perspective– if you want to feel happiness, you know you can choose it. Use that mental versatility of yours and start spreading the good news.


Tension in the astrology chart is not a negative quality. It implies that there is pressure to pay attention to something in our lives, like the volume gets turned up and we have to sort out what the issue is to get it back to normal. Right now it seems that the demands of your outer world are on the rise, forcing you to spend more precious time doing things for others. Whether that’s work demands, family responsibilities or social obligations, there’s a sense that you’ve got a lot on your plate. Try to remember to balance your extroverted activities with some private time. There’s no need to get burned out.


Have you been enjoying the digging? It seems like you’re sorting out some old baggage, clearing space for something better. Even if it doesn’t appear that you’ve found gold yet, you actually have. Some wider vision is available to you, as if you are pulling into a scenic viewpoint where you can better access your life’s picture. Keep the toxic stuff present– by acknowledging it, you can release it and let it roll away. You’ll be able to move along with a lighter load soon, feeling more free than you have in a while.


Things aren’t out of control, even if they feel as if they’re slipping out of your grasp. You may just need to adjust your grip a little. Clarify what is really important and start small. It is only overwhelming when you let yourself worry about every little nuance and detail, and the truth is that most of those things will work themselves out anyway. Don’t even try to pretend you’re helpless– people can see your strength and resilience. So just take on a little manageable bit at a time, and you will feel much better.


Everything is always changing, that’s true enough. But this equinox in your opposite sign is really coming at you with some transformative potential. People and opportunities may be popping up, offering a new direction. Even the way people are communicating with you may be a little different now, as if relationships are able to shift and open up to new ways of behaving and interacting. It’s good to feel poised to take control of the direction you want to go it, while using those diplomatic skills to avoid burning any bridges. That way any path you choose doesn’t have to be exit only.


You’ve been going in a lot of directions recently, so it’s not a surprise if you feel a little spent. Hopefully there’s something fresh in the air that is inspiring you again, like a new skill or hobby that you picked up or a new place that you like to visit. If not, seek out something that sparks your interest, particularly simple things in your day-to-day environment. Life is in the details, and you are in a good spot to look around and pay attention.


Being honest with yourself is something you may very well take for granted. In reality, we all convince ourselves of certain things, and then never even consider why we stick to those guidelines. Sometimes those are small factors, like minor opinions or preferences. But sometimes they are much bigger and more subtle– the perspectives that shape our religious beliefs or racial biases, for example. Saturn has pretty much been standing still in your sign for a little while now, signaling that it’s time you start rethinking the way you think. You’re empowered to discard the belief systems that no longer seem authentic to who you are.


The Sun’s transit through Pisces often leaves us all a little more in touch with our inner emotional world. And when Aries rolls around on the spring equinox, we’re geared up to get things going in the external world. For you, foundational needs are on the menu: your home and family, security and financial stability, and physical comfort are things to focus on right now. Although spring cleaning may be beckoning, it’s also a good time to tend to your own personal sense of groundedness– your feeling of wellbeing and the sense that you are supported by your physical world. You can accomplish much more when those roots are healthy.


The fog will surely start lifting soon, bringing your awareness to all sorts of new and interesting information. If the past few weeks have seemed surreal, join the club. It’s been a weird winter. But some of that weirdness has opened the door to different ways of thinking about things, and that is right up your alley. It’s nice when a new point of view or freshly acquired knowledge can free up space in your life, expanding what you formerly thought was a boring situation. And as the Sun moves towards its conjunction with your ruling planet this month, there will be nothing boring about it.


It’s as if you are returning home from a long voyage, one that took you on a ride through some emotional waters of the past. This New Moon at the last degree of your sign symbolizes standing at the gateway of a new dimension, a new cycle in your life. Hopefully the shift into the first sign of the zodiac will light a fire under you, allowing you to start fresh with an inspired vision of happiness. This is a good time of year to get clear on what your present values truly are.











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