Sagittarius New Moon Horoscopes- Nov. 22, 2014


This New Moon is right up your alley– exciting, energetic, and fun. It’s about time, right? Your curiousity and sense of adventure are urged on by this lunation, and the benefits of expanding your horizons are unquestionable. Whether it means actually exploring a new place or mentally traveling by learning or meeting someone new, there’s an opportunity to open up your perspective.


This philosophical New Moon can be a bit of a challenge for your more straightfoward sign, as the versatile and adventurous qualities of Sagittarius can seem hyper and erratic to Taurus Suns. But that’s ok, let things be weird for a little bit, it’s good to shake up the status quo. This is a test of your flexibility, which is a necessity for mental health. Try not to overindulge yourself– there is a tendency for people to seek control by overdoing, and that just increases the drama. Relax and you’ll be fine.


Hopefully you are getting out there and connecting with others during this New Moon phase. Your natural curiousity is probably fired up with outgoing Sagittarius’ energy driving through your 7th house of relationships– this is a great time for meeting new friends or love interests, or even for new jobs and business partnerships. This is all about people skills, which is a Gemini specialty. Go connect the dots.


Something is opening up in your career or outer life. There may be new doors opening or a new direction to move in within your current position. Change is not necessarily your strong suit, but this could be a chance to greatly improve your self-worth and financial stability. Try to stay flexible and open.


Enjoy this Sagittarius cycle. Hopefully you are feeling inspired to get out there and play, because your chart seems to say that the future is unlimited and your creative potential is heating up. Whatever the intensity of the past month has done to you, this is a chance to let off some steam and have some fun. Express your love and gratitude, and you may find yourself inspired by all the simple things that make you happy.


Family and home need some of your attention right now. You are really good at keeping things organized and healthy, so that’s probably not the issue. But are you enjoying your home and the people in it? This is about the quality of your emotional wellness, and whether you are really engaging in the dance of life. Life is messy, and that’s ok– you can always clean it up.


Your charm and gregariousness will surely get a jump with this New Moon. After all the serious work demanded of you in recent months, this is a nice change of pace. Sure, your social life may start bustling with activity, but there is also just a natural lift to your outlook that attracts good things. Stay open and optimistic, and see what crosses your path.


As the Sun transits Sagittarius this month, you are being asked to step up in some way, shape, or form. The plans you have been formulating are in the infant stages, and this is a critical phase requiring your honesty and passion. Stay committed to your goals, and use the rest of 2014 to reign in the power of Saturn in your very focused and driven sign.


This is a beautiful New Moon for you birthday folks this year! There is something so hopeful and fresh about a New Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius. This is a sort of clean slate in a way, a chance to reinvent yourself in some way. You tend to epitomize the sentiment “Things are getting better all the time.” This is a great time to prove it.


Becoming aware of subconscious material is difficult, especially for a sign so grounded in physical reality. But when you can, you may want to pay attention to things like dreams, gut feelings, memories, and strange emotions that flitter through. There’s a lot of energy in the 12th house of your chart, symbolizing that there is a lot going on behind the scenes in your life.


This Sagittarius New Moon falls into a good spot in your chart for you– it seems that you’re getting a lot of support working towards your plans. Friends and peers are likely to agree with your vision, so if there is something you wanted to begin, this would be an ideal time to get the ball rolling.


Your optimism is running high right now, which is a great thing. People are looking toward you as a guide– you really are in a position of authority, so use it well. It is likely that you are in a more public role than your typically introspective self likes, but there is an opportunity here to show the wisdom of your intuition and compassion for others.


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